Thursday, March 08, 2018

Tables & You

The new dynasty will most likely have two large (17x17 or 9x9) tables and I was wondering in what ways the formatting of wikitables could be simplified so it’s not so annoying to edit them. Maybe utilizing the monospace formatting we could make an ascii table instead of one that uses the mediawiki formatting?



03-08-2018 06:18:03 UTC

Something like this?

Best I can think of which is simple


03-08-2018 06:21:29 UTC

well that’s what I was doing but take a look at what I have so far; imagine trying to move something in one element diagonally with a moderate amount of stuff in the other cells. I think it leads to an aversion to moving because it’s fairly cumbersome.


03-08-2018 06:23:29 UTC

We could use a google sheets but it hasn’t been done before.


03-08-2018 06:28:59 UTC


03-08-2018 06:40:25 UTC

That’s not a bad idea. Does it have a history function that’s precise enough? How would we tell who’s who?
I don’t know if everyone is able to use the google sheets though; I have trouble getting to edit it since I currently have terrible upload/download speeds. It even timed out after a minute.


03-08-2018 06:48:26 UTC

It does have a history thing, but you have to be logged into Google for it to show who did it so its not just “anonymous”:

We could also just comment what we do somewhere, because changes on external wikipages tend to be a bit hidden anyways (like how we had to comment on crates when we changed Stances back when Stances were at-will).


03-08-2018 06:49:47 UTC

that link doesn’t work lol. I thought it would bring up the history. You can get it by clicking the “last edit was made X minutes ago” thing, anyways.


03-08-2018 06:59:23 UTC

Ah, well I don’t think we’ll use it then. Who knows, some people might not have a google account or wouldn’t want to use a personal account for this purpose.
The logging thing is a good idea, however it’s not the crux of the issue here: actually making edits to the state of the table and making sure they’re correct is the difficult part, mostly because the table takes up a ton of vertical space in the wikiformatting


03-08-2018 08:55:28 UTC

Looks like it’s possible to have wikitable rows actually written in rows if you use double pipes: example.


03-08-2018 08:57:54 UTC

Hrm thats really good actually. Would’ve saved headaches in other dynasties lol, glad we have it now.


03-08-2018 09:43:58 UTC

Hey that works perfectly!


03-08-2018 09:59:19 UTC

Only downside I can see is that we can’t colour in individual cells (like we’ve done for past maps), but we could do something with zero-padding table cells and templates within each cell, if needed.


03-08-2018 11:15:41 UTC

tfw Urban Dead nostalgia