Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tactical idling

Quorum drops to 4.



23-09-2015 08:20:00 UTC

Tricky. By my reading, the Attack still exists, but since you’re Idle if it succeeds, nothing happens.
Does anyone read it differently?

Kevan: he/him

23-09-2015 08:25:30 UTC

That’s how I’m reading it now that I’ve woken up. Josh may be in trouble if everyone agrees not to process the Attack for 120 hours, at which point it defaults to an explicit double-co-op and can be saved until he unidles. But either of the Attackers could choose to defect from that along the way.


23-09-2015 08:38:58 UTC

I’m weighing up whether to make an anti-Josh proposal, since it would take four people to stop that, but only one would be needed to process the attack.

Josh: Observer he/they

23-09-2015 09:30:34 UTC

Kevan - I don’t think Attacks time out (“Attacks may not be resolved as regular Confessions”). In fact, I think it continues to be an Attack in perpetuity until both Purplebeard and Aname have responded to it, or until one of them becomes Injured, or until one of them idles out.

Kevan: he/him

23-09-2015 09:37:50 UTC

Confessions don’t “resolve” when they hit 120 hours, they just switch to being double-co-operations, at which point both Prisoners are considered to have responded. That works for ending Attacks, so far as I can see.