Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Proposal: Take 2

Passes 8-3. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 02 Jul 2009 21:37:19 UTC

Add a new rule called “Fed-ex delivers” and give it the following text

  There exists an entity called “Wilson” which is listed in the GNDT as if it where a Tourist. Wilson is a volleyball and cannot take any actions unless the rules explicitly state so on each of those actions. In those cases, that rule must determine which Tourist shall be the one that must make the appropriate gamestate changes (including making posts, modifying the GNDT or rolling dice) to complete that action. Those actions must always be clearly labeled as performed by Wilson.

  As a daily action, a tourist may talk with Wilson. To do this, e makes a story post detailing his conversation with the volleyball. If, after four hours, no other tourist has commented on the post within the four hours after the post was made, the tourist who posted it may reduce their stress by one exactly once. If this would make their stress below zero, it is instead set to zero. He must do this within forty eight hours of making the original post or not do it at all. However, within four hours of the post being made, any other tourist may make a comment on the post, provided no tourist other than the one who made the original post has commented on it. After doing so, the tourist must increase the tourist who made the original post’s stress by two exactly once. If this would make their stress above twenty, it is instead set to twenty.

  As a weekly action, a tourist may attempt to drown Wilson. To do this, e makes a post announcing that e is drowning Wilson. After twelve hours, if no other tourist makes a comment on this post, the tourist who made the post may replace this entire rule with “NAME is a big fat jerk” where NAME is their own in-game name. If no other tourist has already done so, any other tourist may comment on the post and then must immediately increase eir own stress by three. If this would make their stress an illegal value they may not do this.



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07-01-2009 04:56:10 UTC

for hehe


07-01-2009 04:59:36 UTC

for lol. You realize that if everybody tries to drown him at the same time, no one will probably save him?

Ienpw III:

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07-01-2009 05:21:55 UTC

against I get the reference, but still think that the volleyball should be named “Stweart.”


07-01-2009 09:00:48 UTC

Stweart?  why Stweart?


07-01-2009 23:04:53 UTC

He was the hero of Devenger’s Dynasty.


07-02-2009 02:48:23 UTC

against Just don’t like non-entity GNDT “players.”


07-02-2009 14:31:35 UTC

against I like the idea, but we already have The Princess, which currently has no rules.


07-02-2009 14:34:15 UTC

NPCs have appeared in multiple dynasties. Its not like they cause any harm there.


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07-03-2009 01:43:14 UTC

It would be fun if we all made a lot of NPCs for this dynasty. I mean, we are on vacation, right?