Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Proposal: Take the Money

Fewer than a quorum not voting against. Failed by Kevan, 1 vote to 4.

Adminned at 08 Feb 2018 20:13:33 UTC

Replace the ability of Lockbox with:-

A Resident carrying both a Lockbox and a Lockbox Key may choose to unlock the box as a Craction. Upon doing so, the Lockbox and Lockbox Key are removed from their Inventory, and they gain 1 Money.

Maybe it’s worth simplifying Lockboxes even more, as I’m not sure they’re worth the effort right now - you need to get hold of two items, and even if you’re lucky enough to avoid the traps and get anything at all, it’s probably something that you didn’t actually want at that moment. Under the current rules it seems more tempting to bundle the Lockbox and Key up with a third item and take it all down to the Black Market, which will give you 1 Money for it, no questions asked and no dice rolled, 100% of the time.



02-07-2018 20:56:55 UTC

This is pretty drastic, it makes Keys go from meh to really powerful because action economy is so crucial (it’s why teaming up is relevant, to have “quicker” actions).

With Kevan’s vote, Card’s and Samzeman’s vote, that’s 3 greenticks.

If Card or Samze have an ally (and I’m not one or I’m bluffing), there’s nothing I can do to stop this from enacting.

So, against. And prayers.


02-07-2018 21:04:36 UTC

Note that this alters the unlocking process to destroy the Key as well as the Lockbox, making them both worth half a Money. (In the current rule only the Lockbox is destroyed.)


02-07-2018 21:09:01 UTC

Yes. Value-wise, its a free crate turn and +1 Health, compared to Black Marketting.

Just the free crate turn makes it amazing (health doesn’t seem to be much of a concern. It used to be, back when the proposal I had to shoot down allowed you to Dim Mak people with your turn, via so many cractions. But we’ll see).


02-07-2018 21:15:16 UTC

What do you mean by “free crate turn”?

Black Market lets you trade any three items; this only lets you trade two very specific ones. You could be wasting an inventory slot waiting for a second item that someone decides not to share with you, or that gets Fuelcanned, or that never even turns up.


02-07-2018 21:22:35 UTC

Yes, and you can Black Market the key itself if you have to.

The way I’m imagining the game situation is that we’re in a very similar race to Diabecko I’s Distance thing. But it’s a race of gaining non-Consumables, with some luck in for the 20% chance of there being Money or a non-Consumable for you to take at all.

And you can give to others your progress in the race.

Basically, a Key would be either as good as any other non-Consumable you want to get anyways, or a better way to get Money than those non-Consumables, putting it, in how much “worth” it is, between a regular non-Consumable and Money itself.

A really good item!


02-07-2018 21:39:57 UTC

But you’re gambling on a Lockbox turning up and being offered to you. If it isn’t, a Key is the worst possible non-Consumable to have held onto, because it doesn’t do anything. Other items give you bonuses or let you take useful Cractions, but a Key is just a Key.

Would you trade your Binoculars for a Key, if someone offered right now?


02-07-2018 21:47:36 UTC

No, because it would cost us each 2 Cractions, but if trade was always totally free for all of us then yes.


02-07-2018 22:17:55 UTC

So maybe not a straight box-money trade, but perhaps the benefit could be improved. I would perhaps suggest that the box 100% gives an item, and perhaps has a chance at a structural item to sweeten the deal. As it is right now however I will have to say against


02-07-2018 22:29:18 UTC



02-07-2018 22:30:00 UTC

(woops I forgot I already voted lol, just reflexes)


02-08-2018 01:31:24 UTC



02-08-2018 16:07:30 UTC


i’m eager to see new lockbox things, but i prefer a risk to it as well. maybe that’s just me


02-08-2018 16:22:47 UTC

There’s still a lot of risk here. You have to fight or negotiate to actually get your hands on a Lockbox when one gets delivered, and are likely to fail. And a highest-Priority player poised with a Key risks becoming a target for other players.