Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Proposal: [Team Orange] Coalition Victory

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan. -2 to Arthexis, Kevan, Rodlen, Spikebrennan and Yuri Dragon (“all Points awarded or fined to its author are also awarded or fined accordingly to every other Player whose Team is the same as that of the author of the Proposal”).

Adminned at 23 Oct 2009 06:56:37 UTC

Create a new rule “Victory Coalition”:

For each Team, there is a number known as a Team Score, which is equal to the Score of all the Players of that Team, plus 20 for each rule owned by that Team. When the Team Score of a Team is equal to or greater than 500 AND each Player belonging to that Team has a Score of at least 100, the Player belonging to that Team who has the highest Score amongst that Team has achieved victory.

Each Player who’s counted vote on this Proposal is FOR and does not belong to Team Orange is awarded 12 points.

The time has come, you all know it: we really should have a victory condition by now. Since this proposal might give a benefit to Team Orange, I’m adding an incentive for others to vote it.



10-21-2009 02:49:55 UTC

against .  would be FOR if this didn’t make Victory Coalition a Team Rule.


10-21-2009 02:53:09 UTC



10-21-2009 03:25:23 UTC

@bucky: The usual excuses. You don’t even trust Kevan’s team?


10-21-2009 03:46:24 UTC

@ arthexis: Paranoid much?  against


              Good call, we are all out to get you.


10-21-2009 04:34:08 UTC

@arthexis:  Would still be AGAINST if I were on Orange.


10-21-2009 04:38:42 UTC



10-21-2009 06:02:25 UTC

@wak: I’m not paranoid, wait… who said that?

Ienpw III:

10-21-2009 10:44:58 UTC

against Unfair to teams with fewer members.


10-21-2009 11:02:04 UTC

against Definitely a bad idea to have this as a Team Rule, irrespective of colour.


10-21-2009 13:11:42 UTC

against I would never vote FOR on a proposal from the hated Team Orange!


10-21-2009 13:24:21 UTC

against s/k I’ll repropose a colorless version.