Thursday, July 07, 2016

Teaming up problems

There’s still some undefined stuff in the Teaming Up rule I’d like to resolve. Two main issues:

1: How two players can watch each other isn’t present.
2: Scribes don’t seem to be able to have a status, let alone have identical statuses.

In other words, neither criteria is possible to meet. So, should status have a GNDT section to resolve the second problsm? Are we better off using a Map to try and fix this? Those are basically my questions before I start proposing things to fix what is likely a rather complicated rule.



07-07-2016 14:50:12 UTC

Perhaps “watching each other” could be replaced with ” in the same location” , and status is identical statistics in the GNDT.


07-07-2016 15:14:03 UTC

I had considered the first before hand and it seems good, but the second part not so much. Thing is, players change locations a lot. I can’t help but feel that rewording it so teams are explicit entities to be easily created and dissolved might be better.


07-07-2016 15:36:52 UTC

Then maybe Scribes that are in the same location are eligible to become a team, and one Scribe posts to the blog that he/she wishes to be come a team with X. X will then reply, agreeing/ disagreeing.

Clucky: he/him

07-07-2016 15:44:35 UTC

I feel like part of the concern is, as bucky pointed out “gain and lose paper together” along side being able to freely transfer paper is ripe for abuse.

Like, you and Bucky could team up, I transfer all my paper to you (giving each of you 11). Then Bucky and I team up and you transfer all your paper to Bucky (giving each of us 23), and then you and I team up and Bucky transfers all of their paper to me, giving each of us 47. Keep on repeating this and we get infinite paper.

We could make teaming up hard enough that you can’t abuse it like this, but it’s still always gonna be at risk while the paper transfer rules are at play.


07-07-2016 15:51:29 UTC

Perhaps teams cannot transfer stats to other teams.


07-07-2016 16:19:54 UTC

Teaming Up should
*ignore Paper
*use Stress as the ‘gain and lose together’ stat
*use Looks as the sole boosted stat, and call out “Exchange” as an exception that ignores the boost.