Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Proposal: Technical Foul

Self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 28 Jul 2011 10:38:30 UTC

In the rule “Log Entries”, replace “may” with “should”.

Replace the second paragraph of the rule “Fouls” with:-

Certain behaviours merit the awarding of Fouls. If the Announcer decides that a Gladiator has performed any of the following instances of behaviour in the previous 24 hours, the Announcer may award him one Foul:-

  • Attempting to make an illegal modification to the Arena wiki page or the GNDT stats, which did not build upon an earlier, illegal attempted modification by another Gladiator, and where the Gladiator did not correct himself.
  • Failing to follow the edit summary guidelines in the rule “Log Entries”.

A Gladiator may not gain more than one Foul per day.

Upon enactment of this proposal, the Gladiator known as Josh gains one Foul, and this Arena edit shall be considered legal.

Making the edit summaries optional but foulable.



26-07-2011 10:21:34 UTC

against It is immensely frustrating that an otherwise entirely clear edit summary should be worthy of penalty because of a missed keyword. Yes, logging is important, but if we’re levying fouls that directly affect the viability of a victory attempt for something so petty then it seems like a decidedly un-fun way to run a game.


26-07-2011 10:28:30 UTC

replace “may” with “should”.
I think you meant “must”
against otherwise I agree.


26-07-2011 10:29:02 UTC

instead of may I mean.

Kevan: HE/HIM

26-07-2011 10:42:51 UTC

[Kitty] Oh, my mistake. Will self-kill since this doesn’t fix anything, then: against

Given that Fouls are awarded subjectively by the Announcer, maybe we could make the edit summary rule a little looser, and just have a Foul being awarded for any edit which lacks an adequate summary in the eyes of the Announcer (so strange but unambiguous wording, or an apologetic follow-up edit five minutes later, would be okay).