Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Proposal: Technically Fowl

Enacted 5-0. Josh

Adminned at 28 Jul 2011 10:39:07 UTC

In the rule “Log Entries”, replace “must” with “should”.

Replace the second paragraph of the rule “Fouls” with the following:

Certain behaviours merit the awarding of Fouls. If a Gladiator can demonstrate that another Gladiator has performed a behaviour within the preceding 24 hours that would merit the awarding of a Foul, then they may make a Foul Post (which must include the word “Fweep” in its title, and must detail which Gladiator committed the foul and the nature of the foul allegedly committed) and increment that Gladiator’s Fouls by 1. If, after 24 hours, a quorum of Gladiators have voted AGAINST the Foul Post, then the awarded Foul is transferred from the Gladiator who was initially accused to the Gladiator who made the Foul Post.

Below is a list of behaviours that may be considered to merit the awarding of a Foul:

* Attempting to make an illegal modification to the Arena wiki page or the GNDT stats, which did not build upon an earlier, illegal attempted modification by another Gladiator, and where the Gladiator did not correct himself.
* Persistent failure to follow the edit summary guidelines in the rule “Log Entries” - 3 or more examples, one of which must have occurred within the preceding 24 hours and none of which may have been previously used to support the awarding of a Foul to a Gladiator, must be cited to determine “persistent failure”.

A Gladiator may not gain more than one Foul per day.

Removing the onus from the Announcer, including a penalty for false accusations, and slightly de-toothing penalties for edit line summaries. Based on a previous proposal by Kevan.


Prince Anduril:

26-07-2011 15:09:03 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

26-07-2011 16:01:35 UTC

for There’s an automagical gamestate update in there (“the awarded Foul is transferred”) and we need a cap on the Fweeps to stop someone from just spamming a bunch of Fouls to delay an imminent victory, but this seems like a fine solution.


26-07-2011 17:01:54 UTC



26-07-2011 20:52:02 UTC