Sunday, December 03, 2023

Proposal: Tempus Fugit

Timed out and failed, 1-4 with 2 unresolved DEFs. Josh

Adminned at 05 Dec 2023 16:36:08 UTC

Add the following as a new dynastic rule, called Time Passes, with the following text:

The Year is a publicly tracked integer, which starts at 687 and can never be decreased.

As a weekly action, each Heir may Pass Time, which is an Atomic Action with the following steps:
* Increase the Year by 5. Roll DICE2000; if the result is less than the current Year minus 687, set the Old King’s status to Perished.
* For each Heir, increase their Age by 5 and their Reputation by 1.
* For each Estate, decrease its Prestige by 1.

In the rule Attributes, add the following to the end of the first paragraph:

If an Heir’s Age is ever 75 or greater, the only dynastic action they can legally take is Nominating a Successor.

Add the following to the end of the rule Estates:

At any time, an Heir may spend one Resource to increase the Prestige of the Estate of which they are the Palatine by 3, or by 5 if they have the Beneficial Aspect associated with the spent Resource.

In the rule Successors, add the following to the end of the second bullet point:

and remove themselves from the Disown list of any Claims


JonathanDark: he/him

03-12-2023 17:37:53 UTC

“As a weekly action, each Heir may Pass Time”

So if there are 11 heirs, within a week, Pass Time could occur 11 times?

If you meant that Pass Time itself could only occur once weekly, that part needs re-wording, I think.

Josh: Observer he/they

03-12-2023 17:57:12 UTC

You’ve interpreted my intent correctly

JonathanDark: he/him

03-12-2023 19:43:10 UTC

I don’t really care for it, in that case. It feels like Pass Time will happen far too often. I’ll have to do the math and see if my gut check is right.

Clucky: he/him

03-12-2023 20:02:09 UTC

Yeah I’m with JonathanDark here. Seems like this’ll move too fast

Josh: Observer he/they

03-12-2023 20:11:15 UTC

*If* everyone passes time in a week (big if) then it comes down to 1 in 50 that the dynasty ends

Josh: Observer he/they

03-12-2023 20:11:31 UTC

I’d be surprised if 7 people do it though

Josh: Observer he/they

03-12-2023 20:17:18 UTC

If there’s 10 pass-times in the first week, there’s an overall 11% chance that the dynasty ends.

If all 10 go in a second week, 31%.

If all 10 go again for a third week, 51%.

Fourth week, 71%.

I’m worried that the numbers are too low tbh.

SingularByte: he/him

03-12-2023 20:22:59 UTC

Would this also mean that the Old King reaches potentially hundreds of years old?

Josh: Observer he/they

03-12-2023 20:28:18 UTC

Yeah he’ll have been ailing for 200 years at the end of week 4

JonathanDark: he/him

03-12-2023 20:28:20 UTC

You’re forgetting that there would also be 10 increases in Reputation and 10 decreases in Estate Prestige every week, inflating the Reputation market to make Reputation have less value and killing the Estate Prestige market.

I’m about to put up a counter-proposal that focuses just on the Old King’s death so that it feels like we have a mechanism for the dynasty to end, if that’s what is desired.

Josh: Observer he/they

03-12-2023 20:32:31 UTC

@Jonathan I’m not forgetting; I think you might be missing that this would drastically increase the number of Successors who get generated.

JonathanDark: he/him

03-12-2023 20:45:16 UTC

Ok, that’s fair. So basically this could significantly increase the churn of the overall gamestate values and make it a lot more dynamic and harder to hold on to anything for any length of time.

I still don’t know that I like that too much. I can see that there’s a period where it would benefit the youngest Heirs, though obviously their time would come up as well.

I suppose players aren’t required to Pass Time, so maybe there’s a strategic calculation here that makes this not quite so drastic. I’ll ponder it.


04-12-2023 07:10:18 UTC


SingularByte: he/him

04-12-2023 07:27:45 UTC

The churn here does feel too fast. Factoring in the reputation penalty for nominating a successor too, I suspect we’re going to see people’s reputations plummeting.

Plus, the king being hundreds of years old feels a bit odd given that nothing else supernatural has been proposed or hinted at.

Kevan: he/him

04-12-2023 10:36:54 UTC

against for theme, given that the Ascension said that we were in the “final days” of Vovix’s reign.

JonathanDark: he/him

04-12-2023 14:02:00 UTC

against in favor of “As I Lay Dying”


04-12-2023 17:08:45 UTC


Zack: he/him

04-12-2023 18:46:33 UTC

against I like the time passing mechanic but anyone being able to trigger it at will is a lot.