Sunday, September 10, 2017

Proposal: Terminology and Organization

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1)  If any rule exists that makes reference to the Katamari’s Stability, change “Stability” to “Instability”.

2)  If the rule “Inventory” exists, create a wiki page titled “Items” which contains a list, each row of which contains a noun in all capitals, and a description of what it can do, when used as an item. The rule “Inventory” will be re-phrased as so:

Each Prince has an Inventory, tracked on the GNDT, which contains between zero and three items (for example, “Banana, Grape, Tomato”) and defaults to zero. Each item is one noun. By spending 1 Stamina, a Prince can Take a Noun, adding to their inventory a noun which exists at the Katamari’s current Location. At-will, a Prince can remove an item from their inventory.

If a Prince has any of the items (fully capitalized nouns) that exist on the wiki page titled “Items”, they have the effect given to them by that item, according to the wiki page.

    Add to the rule “The Katamari”:

The Katamari may not be rolled to the wiki page “Items”.

The point of part one is that in these rules “Stability” seems more like “Instability”.



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...I don’t know why you’d greentick your own proposal so soon after it’s been posted.

I disagree with more wiki pages with things as they are now. We have had lists before (Perks, Bloggsball tools, etc) embedded in the ruleset and it’s clearer imo to have it like that.


09-10-2017 23:07:14 UTC

Stability should be stability. As stability increases, it takes more work to push and move the katamari. Makes sense.



09-10-2017 23:11:13 UTC

Maybe call it “Sphericity”


09-10-2017 23:36:48 UTC

What about Blorpiness?


09-11-2017 00:19:48 UTC

imperial for the time being


09-11-2017 04:15:04 UTC

From experience having more than a certain amount of places where the gamestate is represented slows the game down too much and begins to increase the complexity a bit too much. We have the katamari page, GNDT and Ruleset. It would be fine if the pages were simple, but they usually become to complex and people check them less often. A page like this would detract from people adding mechanics in the theme of katamari and instead focus on what sort of effects they can propose for specific nouns to have.
In short I think that lisint nouns’ effects individually would be too distracting from the theme.

That’s not to say I don’t want nouns to have an effect, you could easily add a rule that does something based upon the structure of the word itself. There’s length, characters and definitions that words all have. There could be a rule such as “nouns whose first definition contain words that imply the noun is a large object, such as ‘big’, the Stability of the Katamari is considered to be 1 higher”


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against Per Card.


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against  cov


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Because its supposed to be stability. When things are stable they are harder to roll around.