Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Story Post: [Tessered 3] Gimme

Action: All other Tesserers giving all of their shards to the Tesserer named pokes.

Would be quite a shame for the Tesseract to become unstable yeah



08-11-2017 18:03:32 UTC

(I can add this to the wiki in a few hours if nobody has by then.)


08-11-2017 18:51:18 UTC

Guess I wont make shards for 3 days


08-11-2017 20:22:00 UTC

Nice one. Didn’t see that one coming (and yet I did imagine quite a few nasty tricks using tessered actions)


08-11-2017 20:23:29 UTC

These tessered actions need to cost something or it’s going to go haywire.


08-11-2017 20:32:51 UTC

(What I didn’t see coming is the fact the rules don’t specify that Tessered actions are to be performed by the posting Tesser. Maybe we should just change that instead)


08-11-2017 20:47:54 UTC

Actually I like this (yes, I change my mind very often)


08-11-2017 23:52:53 UTC

Oh man why dont I read rules lol, this shit is so broken


14-11-2017 20:45:53 UTC

Correct me if I’m wrong but the instability should have gone up by 3 from this Tessered post expiring. I made the change on the wiki.