Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Test 🤔

  Test post


What is BlogNomic?
It’s a Nomic - a game whose rules are changed by the players as the game progresses. Using weblog posts, players submit proposed changes to the game, suggesting whatever they like, and the other players cast votes in comments to that post. If enough vote in favour of a change, we update the rules (which are kept on this wiki page) and carry on playing. Whenever anyone wins the game, we reset the rules, pick a new theme and start again.



07-28-2020 04:02:23 UTC

I have so much power


07-28-2020 08:37:56 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

07-28-2020 17:49:36 UTC

Lol how the heck

Raven1207: HE/HIM

07-29-2020 03:09:09 UTC


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