Thursday, June 25, 2009


A single EE site can contain more than one blog. So…

Here’s my idea: a subblog called TestNomic where you can test dynasty ideas. Each dynasty lasts for at most one week, so that the entire dynasty idea isn’t spoiled. TestNomic would also be used by those like Wakukee who like to tinker with EE. You could mess around with TestNomic all you like, and it wouldn’t hurt BlogNomic at all.

Any comments?



06-25-2009 19:52:51 UTC

If it doesn’t effect the actual blog at all, I don’t see any reason why not—but then again, you might as well just set up your own site.


06-25-2009 20:54:01 UTC

Sounds like a bad idea. Can you say laaaaaaaaaaaaaaag?

Well, if we do this, you won’t be able to, the lag will be so bad.


06-26-2009 15:26:43 UTC

@Wakukee: what I’ve heard from people who know about the lag is that it isn’t being caused by anything to do with BlogNomic, but by problems at the hosting provider. In other words, the problem is not that BlogNomic is overloading the server, but that the hosting company are having problems generally. So this shouldn’t make the lag any worse. (On the flip side of this, don’t go around doing changes to BlogNomic in an attempt to avoid the lag, as it won’t help.)


06-26-2009 15:45:17 UTC

You got this idea from our discussion yesterday didn’t you.

I like it.