Monday, August 31, 2009


I have an idea.

A new nomic on the BlogNomic site, called TestNomic.

There, we will test changes to the core rules, with themeless dynasties running in the background. If a change to the TN core rules seems to not have loopholes, after a couple weeks, we can add it to BN’s rules.

Also, if in TestNomic’s dynastic rules, there is an interesting rule, a player might adapt it to the BN dynasty.

I’m adding it to the site right now, as it can’t possibly hurt BN. Comments and suggestions?



08-31-2009 16:17:11 UTC

I can’t seem to make posts to TestNomic’s blog…


08-31-2009 16:23:39 UTC

I’m also unable to edit TN’s templates.


08-31-2009 16:29:08 UTC

Hmm. Apparently I’m “unauthorized to post in this blog”. I’ll go fix that.


08-31-2009 16:32:57 UTC

I have no idea where I can make it so that anyone can post in it.

Ienpw III:

08-31-2009 16:40:27 UTC

where is it now?


08-31-2009 16:40:50 UTC


08-31-2009 16:43:27 UTC

Also, if you want to try posting to it, go to

Ienpw III:

08-31-2009 16:44:28 UTC

Why don’t we just talk about this in IRC


08-31-2009 16:46:23 UTC

I’m starting to think maybe we need to edit the member groups, which admins can’t do. Only Super Admins can.

Does Excalabur volunteer?


08-31-2009 16:46:54 UTC

Posted at the same time as yuri.


08-31-2009 18:16:26 UTC

Not sure I follow the implication that if a core rule change “seems to not have loopholes” in TestNomic, then we can safely propose its addition to BlogNomic. The TestNomic players would also want to win BlogNomic, yes?

Or are you imagining more of a split, where we have two separate Nomics that happen to share a similar core ruleset, and can share ideas, but have different players?


08-31-2009 18:20:31 UTC

Somewhere inbetween.


08-31-2009 21:04:58 UTC

Some people playing their own game, some having an eye on porting a scam across to BlogNomic? I guess it could be good for letting veteran BlogNomickers play BlogNomic in different ways (the crazy Metadynasty end, versus the watertight make-a-game crowd), but it might flourish better at its own domain, with a more enticing name than “TestNomic”.


08-31-2009 21:32:00 UTC

Also, I think this CAN hurt Blognomic. If it runs on the same site, it could slow Blognomic don EVEN MORE! Also ,didn’t you try to prpose this a month ago, only to have it shot down for that very reason?


08-31-2009 22:15:54 UTC

I proposed it during yuri’s dynasty, but I got too little response to make a decision.


08-31-2009 23:32:03 UTC

i entirely disagree with this plan
just fiddle with the rules here.  if someone wins, oops. don’t do that again.

also, it hurts the playerbase.


09-01-2009 00:09:30 UTC

How does it hurt the playerbase?

Ienpw III:

09-01-2009 03:32:34 UTC

The thinking is, I think, that players will play TestNomic instead of BN


09-01-2009 05:29:19 UTC

I am thinking this more in the terms of site performance. There is nothing wrong playing more than one nomic at once, most of the time it doesn’t require as much effort, and some people actually have the time and desire. However I’d also recommend it taking place on another domain, and perhaps an even more modern engine (like Wordpress)


09-01-2009 05:43:55 UTC

The reason the side is slow is that everything has to get re-rendered all the damn time because the data changes all the time.  EE doesn’t seem to deal well with that.

We got dinged for too much CPU time when we first came over here. 

DC: people can only deal with so much.  If you want to change the rules, change the rules.  setting up antoher game is setting up another game.  We found that when we switched over here: the old game just sort of petered out and we switched here more-or-less unoficially.


09-04-2009 02:25:47 UTC