Friday, March 13, 2009

Ascension Address: That bit in the corridor with the axes… let’s have that, but with samurai swords

Welcome, my assorted board of complete brilliance. You’ce all been brought here by me because I think you have what it takes. You are the best of the best of the best, most of you having frontline battle experience under ... previous political systems making you even better candidates. But you won’t need guns here, unless you really want to lead our men and women by example; I hope you all have your laptops, pens and mindless scribble pads idea generation pads.

We’re going to make a movie. Not just any movie, but the best movie ever made. It’ll combine the thrill of action, the action of thrill and the action-full purity of pure action. Currently, no movie contains more than 1000 on-screen deaths; if we don’t have that many in half of our runtime, nobody’s getting paid.

Yes, the Body Count is the name of the game, my force of scriptwriters and choreographers… With our technical team, no stunt is too ridiculous, no inane destruction of expensive architecture too great. All we need are the minds to come up with, if not the reason, at least HOW our protagonist might achieve suitably massive annihilation of everything we can make a film set.

Get thinking. Act One will start being written within a few days, or we might not have time to steal the people behind The Matrix and run the scenes over with them before filming begins. Not that we don’t trust your ability, or anything.

Repeal all Dynastic Rules. Replace Soldier with Scripter and General with Producer.

Say hello to the Movie Body Count dynasty…



03-13-2009 19:20:18 UTC

Additionally, thank you Kevan for the elegant header image and changing the background colours, I see no reason why we should change them further during this Dynasty. And some other helpfulnesses of peoples I’ve forgotten, I’m sure.


03-13-2009 19:28:34 UTC

I can’t wait to get started.
The link colours should probably be changed though.


03-13-2009 19:55:57 UTC

We also need a suitably violent veto icon.


03-13-2009 19:56:42 UTC

Maybe an upside down stick figure?


03-13-2009 20:18:28 UTC

Or a clapperboard?


03-13-2009 20:38:33 UTC

Eh heh heh, loving the coffee/tea stain on the sidebar…

Clapperboard could work, in the sense it requires a ‘re-take’.


03-13-2009 20:41:13 UTC

We should color the GNDT to look like a clapperboard!


03-13-2009 20:56:54 UTC

Btw, the collat damage count either should be removed or reset to count bodies lol


03-14-2009 18:21:27 UTC

This sounds just like a game we play in Improv.