Tuesday, August 14, 2007

That was fast

I have preformed the dance with the following order of moves:

  1. Zephyr
  2. Aronwinborn
  3. Hix
  4. Oracular Rufio
  5. Kevan
  6. Night
  7. BobTHY
  8. Banana
  9. Elias IX
  10. Chivalrybean
  11. Clucky
  12. Aministar
  13. Icarus

The dance results can be seen here:

King Kong managed at the last minute to sneak his way to the top of the line. (Via a method Amnistar and I look to plug soon). This means that A) I need to write more lines to my script and B) You’ll be hard pressed to get back to first in line.



15-08-2007 15:42:23 UTC

I get to come out of the barrel now, right?


15-08-2007 16:20:07 UTC

I don’t think so.

“Any time the dance is run, after it is completed any monkey that was in the barrel at the start of the dance has eir status set back to ‘In line’. Any monkey that was moved to the barrel during the dance remains in the barrel until after the next time the dance is run.”

We need some actions allowed for monkeys in the Barrel; otherwise, it’s just a time-out, which seems a bit harsh with the current ruleset.

Although I think the Items rules will begin to address some of that, as would Amnistar’s idea of the ladder, if it’s implemented.


16-08-2007 02:52:58 UTC

You don’t think so?  I was in the barrel before the dance was run.


16-08-2007 03:22:28 UTC

ah, whoops. :/ sorry ‘bout that. yeah, you should definitely get out of that barrel and back into the thick of things again then for for :D ook.