Sunday, November 23, 2008

Proposal: That which fails cannot pass Mk. II

illegal, s/ked, vetoed, whatever you want to call it—Yoda

Adminned at 23 Nov 2008 01:19:51 UTC

Add the following to the end of the fourth paragraph in the core rule called “Victory and Ascention”

Only if a DoV is not failed can a Character Ascend.



23-11-2008 06:27:17 UTC

against .  Again, issues with the first part.  It is implicitly true already where it matters, but as written would potentially screw up rules of the following form:

“Whenever a Proposal becomes Failed, if it contained {insert content here} then {insert effect here).”

Such Rules have actually occurred in the past, for example during the Evil dynasty.


23-11-2008 06:33:08 UTC

against s/k, edited after should have been.

Darknight: he/him

23-11-2008 06:33:28 UTC

hold it… did he change this after your vote bucky?

Darknight: he/him

23-11-2008 06:34:01 UTC

never mind lol

Darknight: he/him

23-11-2008 06:34:32 UTC

its still s/k’ed


23-11-2008 06:35:42 UTC

yes i did. I didn’t say anything originally about proposals, I was just trying to clear up some sloppy wording. thats why it was s/k’d

Darknight: he/him

23-11-2008 06:36:48 UTC

it happens lol


23-11-2008 09:19:18 UTC

So, technically this is illegal and can be cleared immediately.

Well,  veto  anyway just to avoid controversy.