Thursday, December 02, 2010

Proposal: The Age Of Gozer Will Come

Reaches quorum and passes, 17-0. Josh

Adminned at 04 Dec 2010 02:31:05 UTC

If either or both of the the Proposals titled “I + I = IIi” and “Triptych” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Remove the first paragraph of rule “Ages”. Change “the Imperatrix advances the Age” in that rule to “the Age is advanced”.

Change the last paragraph of “Ages” to the following:

Rules can be tagged so that they only apply during certain Ages. A rule which has in its title only applies the Age has not advanced during this Dynasty. A rule which has [II] in its title only applies if the Age has advanced once, and no more than once, during this Dynasty. A rule which has [III] in its title applies only if the Age has advanced twice in this dynasty. Rules which do not apply in the current Age have no effect on the gamestate or the rest of the ruleset. A rule may have multiple tags; in which case the rule applies to all of the Ages for which it is appropriately tagged. Rules without a tag apply at all times as normal. Any subrules of a tagged rule are considered to have the same tag.

Add a subrule to “Ages”, “The Prophecy of the Gatekeeper ”:

It has been foretold that this Age will come to an end when the Chosen One dies and is not succeeded. One mortal is the Gatekeeper, denoted separately on the Mortals page. If the Gatekeeper becomes Dead, and there is at least one Child, they cease to be the Gatekeeper, and a random Child becomes the Gatekeeper instead. If the Gatekeeper becomes Dead and no Mortal has the status Child, the Age advances.

Create the Gatekeeper. This shall be an Adult Mortal with the name “Ed de Goey”, blank Spouse and Legacy, and a vulnerability to the Ephemeral.

If at least half of the Effective Vote Comments to this proposal contain the phrase “backup”, also create a Child Mortal with the name “Johnny Generic”, blank Spouse and Legacy, and vulnerabilities to two random spheres of Influence.

According to his résumé, he has a lot of experience in this field. Wait, I may have misread that.


Josh: he/they

02-12-2010 12:12:03 UTC

for backup. I really like this.


02-12-2010 12:17:02 UTC

for backup


02-12-2010 12:21:31 UTC



02-12-2010 16:08:20 UTC

imperial backup


02-12-2010 16:44:41 UTC

imperial backup

How would “random spheres of Influence” be selected?

Josh: he/they

02-12-2010 16:51:56 UTC

@SethOcean: from rule 3.2.1, “If a number or other game variable is selected ‘at random’ or ‘randomly’ from a range of possible values, its value shall always be taken from a uniform probability distribution over the entire range of possible values, unless otherwise specified.”

In practice that’d mean a DICEx roll in the GNDT, where x is the number of spheres on influence.


02-12-2010 18:16:05 UTC

Ok Josh.

Let’s say there are 3 speres of Influence (Ephemeral, Material, and Domestic).
You “throw” a DICE3 and get a 2 ...
now what?

Brendan: he/him

02-12-2010 18:18:08 UTC



02-12-2010 18:27:00 UTC

You declare beforehand what the result means in game terms. Otherwise there is no way for the other Divinities to ensure that the result is legitimate, so it could (and probably would) be challenged by CfJ.


02-12-2010 18:56:19 UTC

So it’s assumed we all know how that (random events) works. Ok!

In this specific case, the 3 possible results (“Ephemereal + Material”, “Ephem. + Domestic”, “Mat. + Dom.”) are assigned a specific value from 1 to 3 and published. Then, after that, a DICE3 is thrown.

Looks good :-)

Roujo: he/him

02-12-2010 18:59:20 UTC


That, or each of the spheres is given a number, and DICE3 is thrown until two are selected.

Although your solution is more elegant. =)

Roujo: he/him

02-12-2010 19:02:18 UTC

Carp. Yes, Carp.

“CoV” for Backup.


02-12-2010 19:37:11 UTC

for backup

It’s important to save your work after all!

redtara: they/them

02-12-2010 22:30:19 UTC



02-12-2010 23:21:54 UTC

for backup!


03-12-2010 00:36:59 UTC

against backup


03-12-2010 01:03:59 UTC

for backup

Darknight: he/him

03-12-2010 03:56:18 UTC

for backup


03-12-2010 06:02:27 UTC



03-12-2010 13:53:13 UTC

for  backup

I do like this, but of course, once this rule has caused the Age to advance, the rule would still apply, since according to “Triptych”:

“A rule which has in its title only applies if the Imperatrix has not advanced the Age during this Dynasty”

and this would not involve the Imperatrix advancing anything.  Could get confusing, and “the Age advances” is undefined.

(still voting FOR because it’s fixable)

Josh: he/they

03-12-2010 13:54:59 UTC

Alecto - this proposal changes the relevant passage in Triptych.


03-12-2010 18:20:04 UTC

for backup