Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Proposal: The Blown Ultimatum

Timed out and failed-Darknight

Adminned at 03 Oct 2008 11:10:11 UTC

Create sub-rule “Dragon Roar” under rule “Moves”:

The dragon makes a powerful thundering roar that makes its foe tremble. Choose a stat (except Heartbeat) then roll XDICE2, where X is the number of stats (including Heartbeat) that your Dragon has over 10. The chosen stat for the opponents dragon is decreased by that amount. The effect lasts until the end of battle, or until you use Dragon Roar again (whichever happens first).


Create sub-rule “Dragon Ultimate” under rule “Moves”:

Each Dragon can use its Dragon Ultimate move once per battle only, and never during the first three turns of battle. The attacker performs an effect that depends on it’s color as follows:

Black - The black dragon uses its enormous physical prowess and a venomous bite to drain life out of the opponent and deal crushing damage. Deals 1DICE10 damage plus Muscle, ignoring Scales. The attacker regains Heartbeat equal to the damage dealt.

Silver - The silver dragon creates a barrier of magic that reflects back damage. The attacker recovers half the Heartbeat lost last turn (rounded up), and the opponent takes that much damage. Then, prevent that much of the damage the attacker would take next turn.

Green - The green dragon stares at the enemy’s eyes, paralizing the opponent. The attacker gains Muscle +3 and Scales +3 until the end of the battle, then the opponent skips its next 1DICE2 turns and all current affects of Dragon Flights are cancelled. 

Red - The red dragon engulfs itself in flames, allowing it to use Dragon Flame every turn for it’s next 1 + 1DICE3 turns. Until the effect expires, Dragon Flame attacks deal no damage to it and the damage dealt to the opponent cannot be reduced by any effect except its Scales.

Purple - The pruple dragon plays tricks on the enemy to confuse it. Your next 2 turns, you may use both a special action and a Move on the same turn. This Move does not end the turn when its used (allowing it to make one extra move or special action the same turn).



01-10-2008 14:40:15 UTC

against .  Dragon Ultimates = Severe balance issues.


01-10-2008 16:04:19 UTC

against . Agree with Bucky.


01-10-2008 17:31:15 UTC

coz im green

Darknight: he/him

01-10-2008 18:49:33 UTC

against First parts good though


01-10-2008 19:20:47 UTC

against What Bucky said.


01-10-2008 20:30:07 UTC


Ambi Valent:

01-10-2008 22:25:53 UTC

against But please roar again.

arthexis: he/him

01-10-2008 22:46:43 UTC

If this gets vetoed I’ll repost just Roar again.