Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Clatoc Clarion, Cycle 9

Papes, getcher papers, only 4 Clatoc Yen! Ministry releases new Most Wanted list:

Most Wanted Cells

Citizen - Most Wanted score - Notoreity
Kevan 20 121
Clucky 16 99
Brendan 15 106
Trapdoorspyder 13 78
utina 5 8
Cuddlebeam 3 76
SupernovaStarbright 1 12
Raven1207 1 11
Darknight 1 10

Citizens with Secret Buildings as their Workplace:


Communications received in Cycle 8:


The following Cell has achieved Revolutionary Victory:


Colonial Palace workplace manifest:
Apryl Rollins Clucky
Bess Metzler Clucky
Camellia Britt Kevan
Carey Beaudoin Kevan
Kasey Christenson Clucky
Katelyn Dubose Kevan
Noel Place Clucky
Norbert Dobbs Kevan
Patricia Sherrill Kevan
Reena Brackett Brendan
Regena Naranjo Kevan
Robby Vail Kevan
Sherryl Albrecht Kevan
Tomika Truitt Clucky
Tuyet Hyman Clucky
Tyisha Jordon Kevan
Zackary Hershberger Clucky


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