Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Proposal: The Complete Banker

Timed out 3 votes to 2 with 1 unresolved DEF. No effect since Clucky is not the Director.

Adminned at 29 Nov 2013 08:56:29 UTC

If the Oligarch named Clucky is the Director of the Bank, then that Oligarch shall be removed from that Office.

It concerns me that the Director is using unpaid zero-hour interns to manage his own private finances, while keeping the bank’s door closed to hard-working citizens. And could his open disregard for personal power be a sign that he is seeking credibility among the seditionists?



27-11-2013 17:13:14 UTC



27-11-2013 17:40:08 UTC

against The Despot is perfectly capable of removing Clucky from his post if he deems it necessary.

Clucky: he/him

27-11-2013 17:47:25 UTC


The opposite is true.

Loyal Oligarchs have little or no reason to transfer power amongst each other and if they have a strong reason to, the cost of 4 power is rather minimal and can easily be worked out. On the other hand, seditious oligarchs could transfer enough power to one of them in order to overthrow the despot if the bank were to remain open. So keeping the bank locked down is certainly within the best interest of the despot.

As far as my open disregard for personal power goes, it is also purely to stop the seditionists as it prevents them from amassing power via the Corruption Action, which if goes unchecked could allow a team of seditionists to quickly amass a lot of power.

Furthermore, overstepping the bounds of the Despot is borderline treason and I am certainly starting to question your place as Chief.

Kevan: he/him

27-11-2013 17:56:50 UTC

Your fears are misplaced - our benevolent Despot recently proposed that Seditious Oligarchs could no longer overthrow him by exceeding his Power.

But I will gladly self-kill this proposal if the Despot requests that I do so.

Josh: he/they

27-11-2013 18:55:21 UTC

I’d like to hear from both Clucky and Purplebeard what they think Purplebeard should do with the commanding stash of Power he appears to have accumulated.

RaichuKFM: she/her

27-11-2013 19:13:15 UTC

for For us who our Despot has labeled “Seditious”, the untradeable Credibility is what is needed to take control, not Power. In fact, pooling of any kind is unnecessary. The one who is channeling Power appears to be you, Mr. Clucky.

Clucky: he/him

28-11-2013 00:41:50 UTC

They can convert power to credibility and use that to overthrow the despot, can’t they?

Purplebeard can do what he wishes with his power stash. I picked him because he seems to have handled his duties well and I trust that he’ll remain loyal.


28-11-2013 08:09:51 UTC

Josh: For the moment, I need to be able to exert my influence to get boots on the ground to stamp out this growing rebellion. Once the Despot’s position is secure and our armed forces are in full and complete control, my men and women will of course be disarmed and reassigned to civil causes, mostly orphanages and dog shelters for labrador puppies.


28-11-2013 15:56:05 UTC