Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Cured Endgame

We need to come up with a endgame that measures if everyone has been cured, and if there is a winner in that case. Does anyone have any thoughts?



02-15-2017 17:55:46 UTC

I don’t think there is a cure for Black Death (unless Kevan simply chose to not process my “infinite” remedy stunt, which he legally can, in which case I don’t have much more clues).

So if you catch it, you’ll eventually die. And I’ll try to keep on robin hooding remedies from people in the forest to keep people going to the forest to avoid death from hunger, hence in range of any potential kamikaze Rat-seers.


02-15-2017 18:02:00 UTC

The reason why I want people dead is that people will tend to vote for stuff that benefits them, and whatever benefits dead people benefits me, generally.


02-15-2017 18:15:03 UTC

I don’t think there was any sound interpretation of infinity in which your infinite remedy stunt was a guaranteed cure of Black Death. No matter what happened the last remedy you took could have given it to you.


02-15-2017 18:18:01 UTC

Anyway, even if everyone is cured, Black Death can still be administered.


02-15-2017 18:20:51 UTC

Exactly, would really just be play on probabilities. The thing isn’t to get a cure but if I got cured, then that would be the breakthrough. But there has been so such neither, and a bunch of people/other investigators have died from Black Death as well, so if I had to bet, I’d say that there is (most likely) no cure for Black Death. There can be, it’s just that the events until now make me believe that its more probable to not be a cure than there is to be a cure.


02-15-2017 20:54:16 UTC

Not quite sure what Cuddlebeam is suggesting I might have opted to ignore, but for clarity’s sake, the “as that result will have the same as the infinite task” coda of Cuddlebeam’s infinite cocktail CfJ was regarded (and ignored) as a mathematically incorrect personal observation. The basic acquire/lose/random gamestate update was applied as described, and I did not alter any Remedies to then fit those results.


02-16-2017 00:17:56 UTC

Supposing the black death can be both administered and cured, it would take a concerted effort to kill someone. The longer the game goes on, the better known the cure and poison become, and you have at least four doctor’s rounds to cure yourself. Not to mention, such behavior no longer fits the theme: killing everyone else is for a zombie apocalypse, not the black death.

I’m thinking of making a mechanism where curing the black death scores some sort of life points, and if the disease is cured completely, the villagers with the most life points wins.

Though that could run into a situation where people are intentionally inflicting the black death on each other so they can cure it. So the idea needs refining.