Thursday, January 05, 2006

Proposal: The Devil’s Work

Self killed. Failed by Angry Grasshopper.

Adminned at 06 Jan 2006 10:56:51 UTC

Change the The Brand New Gaming Room’s Exits to:

The Fortress of Cheese, A Dusty, Non-Descript Supply Closet

Add a new Location:

=== A Dusty, Non-Descript Supply Closet===

Maximum Occupancy: 3

Exits: The Brand New Gaming Room

Description: Seems like a supply closet, except for all the weird markings carved on the far wall, over the shelves filled with assorted tools. Perhaps they are astrological in nature, or chemical?

Add a new Action, Unwinding:

If no other Protagonist has done so that day, any Protoganist whose Location is ‘A Dusty, Non-Descript Supply Closet’ may Unwind the game by making a DICEX and DICEY check to the GNDT, and posting the result to the front page in a post titled ‘Unwinding’, where X is the number of Active Protagonists and Y is the number of Locations defined in the Ruleset. The Xth Protagonist then becomes Idle.

The Protagonist who made the ‘Unwinding’ post has eir location changed to the DICEY-th fully defined Location listed in the Ruleset.

Idle any Protagonist who has not voted on this Proposal.




01-05-2006 23:10:00 UTC



01-06-2006 01:59:49 UTC

This is kinda harsh… I’ll leave it up to 75th.  imperial


01-06-2006 02:58:30 UTC



01-06-2006 10:15:35 UTC


Seventy-Fifth Trombone:

01-06-2006 10:39:31 UTC

against  Not going to abandon this just yet, particularly since I actually exist again


01-06-2006 11:49:12 UTC

This also provides a means (albeit based on Russian Roulet) to move to any location they want. Regardless, I don’t like this Survivor game mechanic. And on top of it all: how many steps is an Unwinding take? This Action isn’t fully defined. I am totally against.

Angry Grasshopper:

01-06-2006 18:55:34 UTC

Not any location, DICEY should randomize it.

Freeing up a spot for another proposal.