Sunday, February 11, 2007

Proposal: The divide between looks and brains

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Adminned at 13 Feb 2007 10:29:39 UTC

Add a new rule called “The Great Divide”

Each actor has a attribute called “Looks” and an Attribute called “Brains” both a values ranging from -100 to 100 and are tracked in the GNDT.

An Actor man often change either eir looks or eir brains provided:
A) The sum of eir looks and eir brains is less or equal to 100.
B) The absolute value the difference between the square of eir looks and the square of eir brains is less than or equal to 1000.
C) E does not change eir looks or eir brains by any more than 10 at any one time.

All new actors start with a Looks and Brains of 10 each.

Create the two columns (Looks and Brains) in the GNDT and set each at 10 looks and 10 brains.



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Elias IX:

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for Why not? I need the math practice.


02-11-2007 21:59:04 UTC

What does this mean?

The absolute value the difference between the square of eir looks and the square of eir brains is less than or equal to 1000.

I’m guessing its missing an of.  But squares can never be negative, and differences can never be negative, so why do we need an absolute value at all? against


02-11-2007 22:19:32 UTC

Differences can be negative.

Looks = 0;
Brains = 100;
Dif = 0^2 - 100^2 = -10000.


02-11-2007 22:22:31 UTC

Hmm.  Its been too long since i did any math.  That sign is dependant on the order you subtract them, so the result could always be either positive or negative.. I have always assumed difference to be the positive one, but im not sure if that is right formally.. anyone with a maths background?


02-11-2007 22:24:53 UTC

I think the difference between X and Y is X-Y. I added the abs value to prevent any rules loop holes.


02-11-2007 22:31:10 UTC

This is very cynical.  against


02-12-2007 15:23:02 UTC

against Hulk no like algebra.  Hulk smash!


02-12-2007 18:14:36 UTC

against I was thinking that I’d vote for something like this if it didn’t have any fancy-pants mathematizing in it, and also if you could change the value by whatever number you wanted instead of just 10 points at a time, but then I realized that it really makes no sense to create a scenario in which an actor could have looks of 100 one day and 0 the next.  Like, would that mean e poured acid on his face or something?


02-12-2007 19:31:03 UTC

The 10 points at a time is designed to force an actor to think about what e does. And I like fancy-pants mathematics.


02-12-2007 21:32:11 UTC

Promotes stereotypes… against


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5-6 right now (because Kevan is idle)