Saturday, March 14, 2009

Proposal: The Dry Umbrella

Timed out 10 to 0 -Darth

Adminned at 16 Mar 2009 13:16:44 UTC

[ Reproposing continuity to take into account multiple Acts being written at once. Also changing ‘CUT!’ to ‘CONTINUITY!’, since we aren’t actually filming anything yet. ]

Add a new rule, “Continuity”:-

If any Scripter feels that one or more Scenes in a non-Finished Act contradict a Scene in a Finished Act, or contradict an earlier Scene in the same Act, he or she may call a halt to the scripting process by posting a comment on that Act that starts with an AGAINST icon, and the word “CONTINUITY!” in capital letters. The rest of this comment should explain which Scenes need to be dropped, and why. Upon doing this, the Act enters Development Hell.

While an Act is in Development Hell, new Scenes may not be added to it, nor may its Scenes be challenged by the mechanic in the previous paragraph.

The Producer may remove an Act from Development Hell by either agreeing or disagreeing with the objection that put it there, in a comment on its Drawing Board. If he agrees with the objection, the Scenes that the Scripter suggested be dropped are now Cut. If the Producer disagrees, then the Scripter who raised the objection is snubbed - if they had a Scene in this Act, it is Cut; if they didn’t, they may not add a Scene to this Act.

Add a new rule, “The Cutting Room Floor”:-

Whenever a Scene becomes Cut, the Scripter who created that Scene has their Bodies reduced by the Body Count of that Scene.



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for Lookin’ nice, though I can’t help but wonder why everyone is channeling control over the entire game to the Producer. Is this what it’s like to be the Emperor of a Dynasty?!


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for As a side note; I like the idea of ‘Development Hell’ has a sort of ring of ‘Android Hell’ about it!


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One more vote for quorum.