Monday, October 19, 2009

The Election

There doesn’t seem to be an official method for collecting votes, so post ‘em here and we’ll assume posted votes are a subset of the actual votes.  Everyone except Excalabur has been nominated, and you currently need 137 votes to be elected.



10-19-2009 03:51:53 UTC

There’s also no closing date for the election.  I guess if all players vote, or someone reaches an unassailable lead, we’re good to go.

Note also that some players currently have negative votes. 
I vote for Kevan.


10-19-2009 03:53:29 UTC

I vote for myself as many times as permitted.


10-19-2009 04:40:47 UTC

I vote for Kevan


10-19-2009 05:27:59 UTC

Qwaz: you currently have exactly 0 votes :)


10-19-2009 05:35:09 UTC

I’m not bothering to read the voting rules, lol. But I vote for Kevan even if it isn’t worth anything.


10-19-2009 08:09:45 UTC

I vote for Kevan, times 29 if necessary.


10-19-2009 10:12:40 UTC

In the interests of making it a contest worth fighting, I vote for Bucky, although my 18 votes are for sale to the highest bidder.


10-19-2009 14:05:55 UTC



10-19-2009 17:03:10 UTC

I negatively vote for arthexis, twice.


10-19-2009 17:06:14 UTC

Wait, no, four times.

Ienpw III:

10-19-2009 19:30:10 UTC

Bucky. 12 times.


10-19-2009 19:40:34 UTC

Qwazukee x2, as he’s my only teammate.


10-19-2009 20:20:59 UTC

Good point. I change my 0 votes to Shem.

Ienpw III:

10-20-2009 02:46:47 UTC

Bucky: 103 (Bucky, JeffSheets, yuri_dragon_17)
Kevan: 85 (Excalabur, spikebrennan, ais523)
Qwazukee: 2 (Shem)
arthexis: -4 (Darth Cliche)
Shem: 0 (Qwazukee)


10-20-2009 08:47:58 UTC

*does alittle math* Heh, theres a way to make this come down to just one person’s vote. If DC votes for bucky, that would be 99 overall. if shem and me(not an offical vote yet) went for kev that’d also be 99. kev would no doubt vote himself and art, though unlikely, votes for bucky still leaves it a tie, no new points considered yet, leaving woobles -2 to decide a winner lol.

Eh, I’ll max vote Kev.