Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Proposal: The Exercise Yard at Three

Fewer than a quorum of Prisoners not voting against. Failed 1-4 by Kevan.

Adminned at 30 Sep 2015 11:28:08 UTC

In the rule named “Attack”, after “if both Parties have either Cooperated or Defected on an Attack and neither is Injured,” add “and the Attack is at least 24 hours old”.

Giving the victim time to respond.



09-29-2015 08:21:56 UTC



09-29-2015 12:24:58 UTC

This is basically just trading one timing scam for a different timing scam. I’m not currently sure which one is worse.


09-29-2015 12:31:31 UTC

OK, I’ve figured out which one is worse. against

Because Attacks have to be resolved in reverse chronological order, a consortium of two players can use an Attack in order to effectively reset the 24-hour timer on other players’ Attacks against them. Two players = two weekly actions = two resets, thus enabling them to reset the clock twice. 24 + 24 + 24 = 72, and thus that’d outright win the dynasty via Escape.

Unfortunately, exploiting this scam relies on two players being online three times in a row, with exact 24-hour spacings between them. There isn’t anyone active in BlogNomic at the moment that I’d feel confident in being able to arrange such a precisely timed timing scam with (my general experience of this sort of scam in BlogNomic is that there are plenty of players willing to help, but communication breakdowns mean that you can’t get the timings just right; IRC would help a lot here). Thus, I’m resorting to the usual technique of “if you spot a scam and can’t use it yourself, point it out and prevent anyone else using it either”.


09-29-2015 12:47:29 UTC

against CoV. Good catch.


09-29-2015 14:43:22 UTC



09-30-2015 11:10:03 UTC

against per ais