Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Proposal: The Fault in Our Stars

Timed out and enacted, 6-1. Josh

Adminned at 08 Jun 2023 09:03:02 UTC

If the Proposal The Stars in Our Stars is enacted, repeal its effects.

In the rule Avatars, append the following text at the end of the first sentence:

and a Star Sign whose Tier is less than or equal to the Avatar’s home Tier

Add a subrule called Star Signs to the rule Levels of Reality with the text:

Each Star Sign has a Tier. The available Star Signs are listed below. The Star Signs listed in the line corresponding to each number have that number as their Tier.

1: Leonis (The Lion), Ursida (The Bear)
2: Serpenta (The Serpent), Felina (The Cat)

3: Lupis (The Wolf)
4: Panthera (The Panther)
5: Draco (The Dragon), Equinus (The Horse)
6: Avis (The Bird), Canis (The Dog)
7: Corvus (The Crow), Cetus (The Whale), Aquilus (The Eagle)
8: Lynx (The Lynx), Apis (The Bee), Delphina (The Dolphin)

Amend the rule Skywriting to read as follows:

As a weekly action, a Mindjacker may privately message the Ascendant an instruction to generate a specific Portent from the prompt “The stars are (x)”, where (x) is a Star Sign whose Tier is less than or equal to their Level. The Ascendant shall, as soon as is practical after receiving the message, generate a Portent of the form “(name) was incongruous under the stars of (x)”, where (name) is the Symbol Name of a random Avatar whose Occupancy Tier is the Tier of (x) and whose star sign is not (x), if there is atleast one such Avatar (otherwise they do nothing).

In the rule Mindjacking, change the text:

the contents of that post are at the author’s discretion but are not gamestate.

If a Mindjacking has a value for x which exactly matches the Symbol Name of an Avatar, disregarding upper or lower case differences whose occupancy Tier is exactly the author’s Level then the Ascendant should, at their earliest opportunity, mark it with a FOR symbol. The author of that Mindjacking then Ascends and the Avatar is destroyed. Then, the author’s Suspicion is set to 3.
If a Mindjacking cannot be marked with a FOR symbol according to the previous paragraph, then the Ascendant should, at their earliest opportunity, mark it with an AGAINST symbol.


the contents of the post should be “The stars of (y) will guide me.”, where (y) is a Star Sign. At their earliest opportunity, the Ascendant should mark this Mindjacking with a FOR symbol if x is the symbol name of an Avatar with Star Sign (y), otherwise they should mark it with an AGAINST symbol.

A Mindjacker whose Mindjacking has been marked with the FOR symbol by the Ascendant then Ascends and then their Suspicion is set to 3 after this Ascension.

Per my comment on The Stars in Our Stars, the Star Signs idea seems interesting if we’re also required to guess the Star Sign. Also requiring the Avatar in Skywriting to be randomised.

Edit: Changed to allow the possibility of Portent duplication.


lemon: she/her

06-06-2023 06:53:38 UTC

a quick note on that last change: it’s important to specify that the Suspicion-setting takes place *after* the Ascending, since the latter resets Suspicion to 1.


06-06-2023 07:08:43 UTC

Good point. Edited

Josh: Bookie he/they

06-06-2023 12:58:12 UTC


lemon: she/her

06-06-2023 18:15:50 UTC


JonathanDark: he/him

07-06-2023 13:20:14 UTC

Sounds good for

Kevan: he/him

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