Friday, February 24, 2017

Proposal: The Feather of Truth

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 26 Feb 2017 19:35:00 UTC

After the first paragraph of “Endgames”, add:-

A Villager’s Micromori value is equal to their number of Memento Mori multiplied by 100, minus 10 for each Disease they have, minus 5 for each Symptom they are exhibiting, plus 1 for each Remedy they were carrying at the start of the most recent Doctor’s Rounds.

In “Endgames”, after “the number of all memento mori is disclosed and the villager with the most memento mori has achieved victory” (if that text is there), add:-

the Villager with the highest Micromori value is Remembered. (Any ties for this are broken randomly.)

Then replace “the Villager with the most Memento Mori is Remembered. (Any ties for this are broken according to fewest Symptoms.) ” with:-

the Villager with the highest Micromori value is Remembered. (Any ties for this are broken randomly.)

Giving both Memento Mori endgames a tiebreaker, and making it more granular than “fewest Symptoms”.



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02-24-2017 21:19:30 UTC

*cough* Morally, I’m opposed to calling this Micromori instead of Centimori but for


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02-26-2017 01:34:05 UTC

against Is the 100 getting the subtractions or the total? It can seriously play into people’s perception of how much they’re “winning” by to make proper decisions because its ambiguous and the calculations will be different. The “Any ties for this are broken randomly.” wording is also hazardous as I can poke my belly in a random way from now on but that doesn’t mean that I’ll necessarily poke it ever, as the wording is ambiguous as to how the randomness is applied.


02-26-2017 01:36:35 UTC

Clarifying the first point:

Micromori = Memento Mori x 100 - 10*Diseases -5*Sympthoms +1*Remedies


Micromori = Memento Mori x (100 - 10*Diseases -5*Sympthoms +1*Remedies)

Which one is it? We can’t know. It’s ambiguous.


02-26-2017 12:18:30 UTC

The comma after 100 makes it look to me like unambiguously the first one.

Kevan: HE/HIM

02-26-2017 19:33:51 UTC

against Self-kill, looks like I almost snuck “the Villager with the highest Micromori value is Remembered” into the ruleset as a sentence by itself, by accident.

Kevan: HE/HIM

02-26-2017 19:34:40 UTC

Ah, not quite, I missed the full stop in the quoted text. But even so: I said “after” instead of “replace”.