Sunday, June 21, 2009

Proposal: The Final Countdown

Passes 7-0. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 22 Jun 2009 10:06:50 UTC

Make a new subrule to the Rule titled “In or out?” with the title “The Final Countdown” and the following text:

New Contestants (i.e. those who are becoming Contestants for the first time) and unidling Contestants have their Status set to Out.

This prevents someone from sneaking in at the last second and stealing the Dynasty. Now is a good time to unidle, and prepare for the Final Countdown.


Darknight: HE/HIM

06-21-2009 05:21:54 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

06-21-2009 05:23:30 UTC


Granted it probably wouldn’t work, as there will be a contestant or two who have build up the defenses of their room and have enough fame to stop the new contestant from winning, but just in case…


06-21-2009 05:26:33 UTC

Yeah, hopefully won’t be an issue.

One thing I am worried about is Contestants sitting around Outside and then buying their way back in at the last second (quite anti-climactically). Do you have any ideas how to prevent something like that?

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-21-2009 05:32:13 UTC

Flood the control room?

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-21-2009 05:52:27 UTC

Actually, only those who are out could. Everyone else is still an evacuee, and so gets kicked out as soon as they walk back in.


06-21-2009 05:52:49 UTC

How would that help?


06-21-2009 06:03:14 UTC

If someone comes back In, they cease to be an Evacuee. That’s the issue I’m concerned about; it’s ok now, say if arthexis wanted to come back In, but it’s not great for returning at the last second after one has been sitting Out for ages.

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-21-2009 06:17:01 UTC

Right, Arth Wobble and Psych would be able to come in legally, but they are all weak enough that it probably wouldn’t matter. However, anyone else would still be an Evacuee and so couldn’t bribe their way back in.


06-21-2009 07:03:25 UTC

Quote from the Challenge:

“If an Evacuee ever becomes an Insider (for any reason), he ceases to be an Evacuee.”

That is the issue.


06-21-2009 07:09:43 UTC

for I won’t try and sneak back.


06-21-2009 07:14:28 UTC

Naw, you can come back now, can’t you Psycho? Use Rules 2.21 and 2.20.

Ienpw III:

06-21-2009 15:44:58 UTC



06-21-2009 17:18:44 UTC



06-21-2009 18:53:40 UTC

This is obviously meant to ensure that I do not win the dynasty, and has no purpose otherwise

Ienpw III:

06-21-2009 21:46:14 UTC

Bucky, didn’t you stop playing because you were getting paranoid?


06-21-2009 23:52:27 UTC

Yeah Bucky, I’m not trying to cut you out any more than I’m trying to prevent Kevan from winning. If you are concerned about it, then unidle (and, if you still feel uncomfortable, you don’t have to do anything for a couple days, until the bunker reaches a condition where it matters).


06-22-2009 15:49:33 UTC

I don’t mind this, although I did try to set up the rules such that new/unidling contestants would be unlikely to make a difference unless they’d being doing well earlier in the dynasty.


06-22-2009 16:31:29 UTC

for Hooray for hypocrisy!