Monday, August 05, 2019

Story Post: The First Watch

The first Watch begins at 12:11pm 5/8/19, and ends 12:11pm 7/8/19; Orders to the Admiral before the end of the Watch. Good fortune, ladies and gentlemen of the sea!

The current Chart:

(This is the Hotfixed Chart - edited to show data for the Red October)



08-07-2019 17:05:00 UTC

For players who aren’t on Slack, Farsight said “Sorry folks, just realised I’ve updated the GNDT a few hours early. My fault, sorry.” at 10am this morning. Looks like they didn’t get as far as updating the Chart.


08-08-2019 09:03:01 UTC

(Another Slack comment has now said the next Watch will be delayed until at least Friday.)

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