Story Post: The Fourth Watch (7 comments) A few more Vessels created (with another collision in the Blue Port!) and some m

A few more Vessels created (with another collision in the Blue Port!) and some manoeuvring on the high seas.

The fourth Watch begins at 14:37pm 14/8/19, and ends 14:37pm 16/8/19; Orders to the Admiral before the end of the Watch.

For the current Chart, see the Admiral’s Log.

P.S. don’t forget to add your Vessel’s facings when giving orders!


Kevan: HE/HIM

08-14-2019 15:40:45 UTC

Ah, have just noticed that I put “Map the Lands” in the wrong bulleted list when enacting Land Ahoy, which is presumably why it got skipped. I’ve now moved it, and since “the Admiral may perform the following steps, which should be done in order” they can now Map the Lands, and I guess hotfix the Chart.


08-14-2019 17:50:50 UTC

Yes, that and the ships that first collided, T1 and M1, should be at full health, as they were recovered in “...Ghost Ships” and then moved to safety. Am I missing something?


08-14-2019 18:54:45 UTC

[TyGuy6} No, as usual it’s me missing things. Thanks for the reminders gents, I’ll hotfix asap.


08-15-2019 07:27:20 UTC

The current chart and the GNDT have been hotfixed to show the position of land and the correct armour values for T1 and M1.


08-15-2019 10:25:03 UTC

Awesome, thanks, Farsight!

That could have been a disaster for some ships, but nobody was destroyed by a landmass THIS time! And I get a cute little corner to hide away in!


08-15-2019 16:40:43 UTC

Hehe very good! You say “this time”, but I don’t think there will be any more land without another proposal, becausethe Mapping rule said that once the land hasbeen made, the rule should be repealed. THat was right wasn’t it?


08-15-2019 22:03:39 UTC

Right, hehe. But there’s always “another time”. Reminded me of