Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Proposal: The Future is 4D

timed out 1-4 failed by card

Adminned at 11 Nov 2017 16:32:32 UTC

Replace the second paragraph of the rule “Tessering” with:

Anytime a Tesserer publishes a Story Post which is not a Combo, they may, in the title, put the following tag: [Tessered X], where X is a number less than or equal to their power. This Post is called a Future, and the Tesserer who made the Future is called the Future’s Forger. Any actions described in a Future are not performed at the time of the Future’s posting: instead, the text of the post will be added to a section named “Tessers” of a Wiki page named “The Tesseract”. All actions described in the Future that the Forger could have done at the time of the Future’s creation are Actionable. After X days have passed, all Actionable action(s) described in the Future must be performed. If all Actionable actions are not performed within 48 hours after X days have passed, the Instability of the Tesseract increases by X. After 48 hours after X days have passed, or after the Actionable actions are performed, the Future’s text may be removed from “The Tesseract”. A Tesserer may only have two Futures at a time.

If “making Tessered actions atomic” passed, replace “all Actionable action(s) described in the Future must be performed.” with “all Actionable action(s) described in the Future must be performed as an Atomic Action.”

Void all Futures, and remove all current text from the “Tessers” section of “The Tesseract”.

Add one Nature shard to the Tesserer named pokes’ shards.

This gives some names to things we might want to refer to, and restricts it to things only you can do (with the hope you’re still able to in X days!)



11-08-2017 23:56:46 UTC

lol, nice try against


11-09-2017 05:25:19 UTC

obfuscate it next time against


11-09-2017 11:30:24 UTC

D’aww, oh well. The intention wasn’t to obfuscate at all but experiment with a “hey if you liked this proposal how about giving me a little reward for it” rider.

The answer is: people don’t like it.


11-09-2017 11:45:34 UTC

Actually I did interpret it more or less that way :)

derrick: HE/HIM

11-09-2017 12:06:55 UTC

against but nice try.


11-11-2017 12:20:17 UTC

Hoho, you cheeky bum against