Friday, June 09, 2023

Proposal: The Horse of Roy Rogers

Timed out and enacted 3-0. Josh

Adminned at 11 Jun 2023 20:08:08 UTC

In the rule “Triggers”, at the end of the sentence “Y is the name of an dynastic action that the author can carry out in the circumstance envisaged in the X of that Trigger”, add:

optionally followed by specifications for any choices that must be made in the process of enacting it.

Change the paragraph after the bulleted list in the rule Triggers to read as follows:

Any action that is, specifically, the “if” clause of a Mindjacker’s Trigger should be considered the first step of the atomic action Activating a Trigger, which then has the following subsequent steps:

* Carry out the “then” action of that Trigger on behalf of the Mindjacker whose Trigger it is, if necessary making any Story Posts or sending any Private Messages required; if posts or messages are required then they should be made with their title prefaced by “(name)‘s Trigger:” where (name) is the name of the Mindjacker who owns the Trigger being applied;
* Set the thus-activated Trigger to blank.

The “if” clause of a trigger may be activated by the “then” clause of another Trigger taking place. If ever a Trigger is activated but its effects cannot otherwise legally be applied, it has no effect and is set to blank, but the “then” effect is not considered to have occurred. If the “then” action of a trigger involves choices, such as the flavour text string in the title of a Mindjacking, then the specifications made within the Trigger must be adhered to; if a choice is not adequately specified, the Mindjacker who triggered the Trigger may make any legal choice on behalf of the Mindjacker whose Trigger is being activated.

In the rule Broader Triggers, replace ‘optional “or” clause’ with ‘optional “and” clause’.


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