Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Proposal: The Inheritors

Timed out and failed, three votes to three. Josh

Adminned at 08 Sep 2018 01:43:33 UTC

Add a new rule, “Neanderthals”:-

The Neanderthals are a group of creatures that live across the valley.

The Neanderthals have Genetics, which is a list of five Genes, noted in the GNDT as a list of the first two letters of the name of each Gene in the Monolith’s “Genetics” column.

The Neanderthals have an amount of Food, tracked in the Monolith’s “Food” GNDT column. They also have an amount of Legacy, tracked in the Monolith’s “Legacy” GNDT column.

The Neanderthals have a number of Traditions, listed in this rule as follows: Weaponry.

To the top of the New Generation Event list, add:-

* Mutate the Neanderthals.
* If there are any Traditions which have a Complexity equal to or lower than the number of the Neanderthals’ Intelligence Genes, and which the Neanderthals do not already have, give them a random Tradition from that set.
* Set the Food of the Neanderthals to the number of Genes in their Genetics which are not “Nothing”, then double it if they have the Agriculture Tradition.
* If the Neanderthals’ Food multiplied by the number of Apes is higher than the total Food of all Apes, the Neanderthals gain 2 Legacy.

Replace “The following is known as an Ape Mutating: randomly selecting one of that Ape’s Genes and setting it to be a randomly selected kind of Gene.” with:-

The following is known as Mutating: randomly selecting one of the Genes of the thing which is Mutating, and setting it to be a randomly selected kind of Gene.

Set the Neanderthals’ Genetics to NoNoNoNoNo, their Food to 0 and their Legacy to 0.

Since the focus on selflessly improving and then randomly sampling the gene pool is making this feel quite a cooperative dynasty, maybe we should have some antagonists and move towards giving the game a survive-or-fail goal.



05-09-2018 22:13:58 UTC



05-09-2018 22:48:53 UTC

against The Monolith’s Genetics column is already in use: “The Culture of the Troop is tracked in the Monolith’s Genetics GNDT column”, from dynastic rule 2.2, Intellect.


05-09-2018 23:03:06 UTC



06-09-2018 01:31:58 UTC

against CoV

derrick: HE/HIM

06-09-2018 05:08:04 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

06-09-2018 07:55:37 UTC

Ugh, had forgotten I was doing that. Legally it’s still possible to “track” two stats in the same place for a while, while this gets fixed, though; by chance it looks like there’s not even any overlap between Gene and Tradition abbreviations.


06-09-2018 12:03:26 UTC

I did at first think it might have been a very clever scam in the making.