Friday, March 31, 2006

The Junta is illegal

Lars has not actually become dictator. And here is why.

Let us consider the present Game-state. There is a proposal that dramatically changes the ruleset pending. However, it has not passed.  The first sentence of the ruleset states that all Gostaks must obey the ruleset. And there is currently nothing in the ruleset allowing lars to automaticly pass it. Therefore, e cannot.

But the proposal retroactively passes itself is the counter-arguement. And the answer: It has not done so yet as it has not passed.

In any case, if we allow this kind of loophole, there won’t be much game left. Anyone could state “Well, in the future, my Junta overthrows your Junta retroactively”, or “Oh yeah, well my Junta in the far future overthrows your future Junta, so my original Junta is still there.” ad infinitum.



03-31-2006 21:21:30 UTC

Right. If anyone disagrees, I retroactively win all previous dynasties.