Friday, July 25, 2008

Proposal: The Last Piece in the Combat Puzzle

Timed out and passed 7-0

Adminned at 27 Jul 2008 09:20:59 UTC

Add a new rule titled “Combat” with the following text:

As a daily action, an Adventurer who is part of a Party (the Attacker) may attack an NPC that that Party has encountered (the Defender) by making a comment to the Party Post to that effect.  He shall then go on to make a DICEX DICEY roll in the GNDT, where X is one more than the Attacker’s Combat level and Y is the Defender’s Combat level.  If the result of the first roll is strictly greater than that of the second roll, the attack hits and the Defender is hit for an amount of HP equal to 2DICEZ, where Z is the Attacker’s STR (or Magic level is the Attacker’s weapon has “Wand” or “Sceptre” in its name).  If the Attacker does not have a weapon equipped, the amount of HP that the Defender is hit for is halved (rounding up) before any other effects are taken into account.  If, after all effects have been taken into account, the Attacker will hit the Defender for less than 0 HP, the Attacker instead hits the Defender for 0 HP and if the Attacker also does not have a weapon equipped, the Attacker is hit for 1 HP.

NPCs may only attack Adventurers who are part of the Party that encountered it or other NPCs that have been encountered by the same Party that encountered it.

The exact numbers might need some tweaking, but this should be good for now… I hope.


Clucky: HE/HIM

07-25-2008 17:17:45 UTC

Instead of a clause to use “Wand” or “Sceptre”, why not let the weapons say ‘Use Magic’ or ‘Use Vor’.

Different weapons should be better at attack.

But I really can’t find anything super strong against this, so for


07-25-2008 18:07:11 UTC

Eh, it could open some potentially interesting possiblities.

Darknight: HE/HIM

07-25-2008 19:36:17 UTC



07-25-2008 20:39:08 UTC



07-25-2008 23:17:14 UTC

against What does “or Magic level is the Attacker’s weapon has “Wand” or “Sceptre” in its name” mean?


07-26-2008 02:37:30 UTC



07-26-2008 02:44:29 UTC



07-26-2008 02:50:20 UTC

The “is” is supposed to be an “if”.  Would that be considered a typo, since it doesn’t make sense as is?


07-26-2008 02:50:52 UTC

No pun intended on the “as is” part…  (ba dum pish)


07-26-2008 02:53:05 UTC

for CoV