Thursday, September 27, 2018

Ascension Address: The Leftovers

The extinction left no life behind; all that remains are computers and possibly robotic “life”.

Repeal all Dynastic rules and change “Monolith” to “Flynn” and “Ape” to “Program”



09-27-2018 09:12:03 UTC

Orbitron is quite a font, but it’s looking a bit lumpy at a small font size, at least on my laptop screen (it’s fine on my phone):


09-27-2018 15:09:48 UTC

Is it like that just for the blockquote tags or any small size?
I think just zooming in fixes that issue, from the default zoom level I had to zoom out 3 times to reach that level of lumpyness.
I’ll try setting vw on it and see if that works.
Anyone else have trouble with anything in the stylesheet?


09-27-2018 15:16:07 UTC

Orbitron was looking lumpy at anything less than 120% on my (Firefox) browser, with the weird exception of 70%, which looked fine, if a bit small to read comfortably.

Your 1vw edit (which is a new one on me) is now locking it at the same largish, lumpy size no matter how much I change my browser zoom. It’s also causing the blog to render in a very tiny font on my mobile device.


09-27-2018 15:38:55 UTC

Well I switched fonts to Aldrich, which seems blocky enough to fit the theme while having a better spacing between letters.


09-27-2018 15:48:56 UTC

Looks good.


09-27-2018 17:41:46 UTC

I look forward to following this dynasty via RSS.


09-28-2018 02:17:42 UTC

[Brendan] well you’re going to have trouble since the RSS feeds are broken. If you really hate the fonts that much, you can probably set up whatever adblocker you have to block external fonts specifically on blognomic; I know that in ublock origin, there’s a button specifically for blocking remote fonts. Alternatively you can make your browser not use external fonts, but that’s not on a per site basis.


09-28-2018 05:11:11 UTC

[card] Is the RSS feed really broken for you? I’ve been subscribed for a long time and I’ve never had any trouble, though admittedly I only follow posts, not comments. I can see a PHP error at but for whatever reason, The Old Reader has no issue parsing it.


09-28-2018 06:05:19 UTC

well admittedly I haven’t used them in a while but I assumed you wanted to view comments as well. Also some of the other feeds are broken for whatever reason, like the ascension address feed.