Thursday, March 04, 2010

Proposal: The market is free!

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 06 Mar 2010 10:42:56 UTC

Enact a new subrule of Rule 2.1 “Commoner’s Economy” entitled “Free Market Trade”, which reads as follow:

As a Weekly Action a Commoner may trade with the market directly: They may decrease the amount of any Resource, to any value higher or equal than zero. The difference between the previous amount and the current amount of this Resource is known as the “Offered Resource”. They may now increase any other Resource, known as the “Sought Resource”, by a “Free Market Amount”. This “Free Market Amount” is calculated as the total Amount of all Commoners of the “Sought Resource”, divided by the total current Amount of all Commoners of the “Offered Resource”, rounded down.

For example: If a Commoner likes to trade 100 Coal, the total Amount of the Offered Ressource may be 1000 Coal then (after the Commoner has decreased his or her Coal!) and the total Amount of the Sought Resource, Iron, is calculated as 500. This Commoner would receive 50 Iron then.

Trading should be made easier ;)

I was thinking of reducing the “Free Market Amount” (mabye just 4/5 or so), but I think it’s enough to do not count the Trader’s Amount of the “Offered Resource”. If you want to trade a lot or if you are the only one, who owns lots of a Resource, you may not trade that easy…



03-04-2010 14:41:53 UTC

I am sorry, I had an opened “New Post” tab for some time. This Proposal was sent at 14:38 and so later than Purplebeard’s Proposal. But as changing the time after posting is a fail, I hope this is ok…

This Proposal should not be enacted because of timing out before 3/6/10 at 14:38 then…

Also I’m sorry for Purplebeards free slot. If he likes to, I will use my last open slot for a Proposal by him.


03-04-2010 14:42:39 UTC

Also the flavour text should not be in the Rule. S/K against


03-04-2010 14:57:27 UTC

I’m not quite sure I understand this proposal. What would happen if no commoner has any caffeine, and I chose to decrease mine by 0? The offered Resource would be 0, correct? The Free Market Amount would then be some number divided by zero (aaargh!).


03-04-2010 17:18:24 UTC


Hm, I dont know wether you can decrease a Resource by 0, but I added such a sentence to be sure that there is no bug…