Monday, January 15, 2007

Proposal: The Medal Ceremony

Passed 6-0. Clucky

Adminned at 17 Jan 2007 12:34:36 UTC

Background: A recent proposal by another Olympian prompted me to look at the Ruleset provisions with respect to the awarding of medals.  Given that under certain circumstances it may become relevant to determine exactly when a medal has been awarded, I felt that some clarification with respect to this issue would be helpful.  Under this rule, the initial award of medals happens when the Coach says that it does (since in many cases, nothing is known until the results for the rival teams are rolled), and appropriate notices are to be given of the awarding of medals and of changes in medal ownership.

This is a proposal to add the following text to Rule 2.1, immediately after the first sentence:

With respect to a particular Event, unless the description of the Event provides otherwise, all Medals for the Event will be deemed to have been awarded at the time that the Coach posts a notice to the blog that the Medals for that Event have been awarded.  The Coach will also post to the “Old Events” section of the Events Page of the Wiki an indication of the time that the Medals have been awarded, as well as the identity of the winners of each medal.  After the Medals for an Event are awarded, any subsequent circumstance that results in a change in the holder of any Medal of that Event will be reported by a notice to the blog and an appropriate indication in the “Old Events” section of the Events Page of the Wiki.


Clucky: HE/HIM

01-15-2007 23:29:59 UTC


On the same note, I will hopefully do any event stuff that needs to be done later tonight


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imperial A burden on the Coach, but if e’s okay with it….