Thursday, December 16, 2010

Proposal: The Midnight Toker

Vetoed and timed out - coppro

Adminned at 18 Dec 2010 12:58:44 UTC

Reword “The End of the Age of Mortals [II]” to the following:

Divinities may have one or more Aspects, which denote their achievements in the previous Age. Aspects are tracked in the Lingering Effects column of the GNDT.

Immediately after the Age is advanced for the first time, Divinities receive all the Aspects for which they meet the eligibility criteria detailed after the Aspect’s name. For these purposes (and only for these purposes), the gamestate as it was just before the Age was advanced is taken into account. Any Aspect whose eligibility calls for a Divinity to have performed an action or possess a certain status more than any other Divinity is available to all parties who share the highest place in the event of a tie.

* Trickster - participated in more Meddling posts (by making the post and/or an Uplifting or Tormenting Comment) than any other Divinity
* Demiurge - ended the Age of Unreason with a ++ in the Material plane
* Smith - ended the Age of Unreason with a ++ in the Domestic plane
* Muse - ended the Age of Unreason with a ++ in the Ephemeral plane
* Judge - ended the Age of Unreason with an N in all planes
* Victory - ended the Age of Unreason with a higher Prominence than any other Divinity
* Love - caused two Mortals to be each other’s Spouse as the result of a meddling
* Betrayer - caused at least one Mortal to become Dead as the result of a meddling
* Hope - made more legal Uplifting Comments than any other Divinity
* Despair - made more legal Tormenting Comments than any other Divinity
* Sloth - neither increased nor spent Prominence, nor initiated or legally commented upon a Meddling post, during the Age of Unreason

Changing up the Aspects to differentiate them somewhat and better define the tallying process for some of them. Also automating the process when the Age advances.



12-16-2010 09:11:14 UTC



12-16-2010 10:16:06 UTC

against So someone can achieve Victory at the end of the first age? That somebody being the person with the highest prominence, one P. Beard, esque.? Clever, but insufficiently subtle :)


12-16-2010 10:30:14 UTC

against It was worth a shot, since apparently no one noticed the ‘Victory’ aspect the first time around.


12-16-2010 12:16:11 UTC



12-17-2010 07:14:28 UTC

How would this have allowed you to achieve victory? Just that you would receive an ‘aspect’ called “Victory”? Would you have to have separately declared victory, or would it have been implied by the status of “Victory” that you had been given? So confused.


12-17-2010 08:37:09 UTC

The first paragraph says that the aspects denote our ‘achievements’ in the previous age. If I got the Victory aspect, I would have literally achieved Victory, and could then post a DoV (see the wording of “Victory and Ascension”).


12-18-2010 19:16:03 UTC