Saturday, March 28, 2020

Proposal: The Moonlit Masquerade

Self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 30 Mar 2020 11:36:51 UTC

Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled The Moonlit Masquerade:

Midsummer approaches, and Louis XIV is throwing a masquerade under the moonlight as a feast of opulence and indulgence on the shortest night of the year. Whoever shines the brightest on this night will be regarded as the most Noble of all Noblemen for the year to come. The Masquerade is to be held on 18th April 2020.

If the Masquerade has elapsed, and one Nobleman is the Champion and is also not Dissolute, then that Nobleman has achieved victory.
If the Masquerade has elapsed, and no Nobleman meets the criterion above, then the single Nobleman who is not Dissolute who possesses the most Ribbons has achieved Victory.


Darknight: HE/HIM

03-28-2020 13:38:28 UTC


pencilgame: HE/HIM

03-28-2020 16:47:51 UTC



03-28-2020 21:06:20 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

03-29-2020 01:10:21 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

03-29-2020 10:18:22 UTC

for Not sure if the SCP dynasty was an outlier based on its players, but it did seem like a hard datestamp deadline changed the mood of the dynasty for the worse, in the final week (with gamestate-changing proposals being criticised as unfair catch-the-leader, and there being a general tone of ho-hum core proposals as if the dynasty had already ended).

Josh: HE/HIM

03-29-2020 10:23:47 UTC

Yeah, I really didn’t want a date-deadline end to this dynasty, but with the prospect of Switch 2 coming up it seemed sensible to at least have the option of bringing things to a close.

Josh: HE/HIM

03-29-2020 10:43:12 UTC

But, hm, maybe we should do better. S/K, I might revisit this but for now I want to integrate Prestige better.  against