Thursday, July 23, 2009

Declaration of Victory: The most fun declaration of victory ever.

Fails 1-4. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 24 Jul 2009 08:42:54 UTC

I win because it’s fun to win.


arthexis: he/him

23-07-2009 14:40:01 UTC

Per rule 2.19 Fun Enforcement, the only legal action to take is to vote for


23-07-2009 14:51:13 UTC

This DoV is fun.

Also arth, you can’t vote FOR, because that’s boring.

arthexis: he/him

23-07-2009 14:54:33 UTC

I already did, too late.


23-07-2009 14:56:46 UTC

It was an illegal vote, therefore it can’t be counted.

arthexis: he/him

23-07-2009 15:04:05 UTC

It is not illegal. In fact it is the only legal action available.

Please apply the common english usage to words in the ruleset, don’t make them mean whatever you want to mean.


23-07-2009 15:23:38 UTC

The only legal action was no action at all.

arthexis: he/him

23-07-2009 15:37:19 UTC

I’m tired of you DC, always trying to make the game less fun. We should have never made you an admin, since clearly you have no intention of acting like one.

Kevan: City he/him

23-07-2009 15:51:43 UTC

So why is this DoV immune to being called out as boring? Because of your comment on the proposal that “if something is fun, it can’t be boring”?


23-07-2009 15:54:22 UTC

The Ruleset page currently reads “if an action they take would be boring, that action can be taken.”  Is this an adminning error?


23-07-2009 15:57:35 UTC

against Even if the “typo” had not been corrected, arth has met no victory conditions. Furthermore, it is not fun to vote for, it is more fun to vote against, since it puts you in your place for trying to win off a rule which in no way states that you can win.


23-07-2009 16:00:45 UTC

btw, how was it the only legal action? Perhaps the only legal action for you, but I would have found voting against quite boring.

And by saying “boring actions cannot be taken” you are not saying “fun actions must be taken.” That would be like saying that “An idle player may not win” means that “Any active player may win” and declaring victory.


23-07-2009 16:01:41 UTC



23-07-2009 16:05:46 UTC

Furthermore, these two quotes should make it quite clear that this does not allow you to win. Bucky should agree with me. From the secret ruleset:

3) Actions based on an interpretation of the Ruleset not obvious from a casual reading may be illegal even if strictly permitted by the Ruleset.


2) An action is illegal if a CfJ challenging it would pass, or if most players beleive it to be illegal. <—A CFJ would pass, were it not for the boring rule, and it would probably pass anyway.


23-07-2009 16:16:23 UTC

The secret ruleset is not binding, Wak.

Kevan: City he/him

23-07-2009 16:21:23 UTC

It even says that: “If an unwritten rule conflicts with the Ruleset, the Ruleset takes precidence.”

Bucky’s “secret ruleset” is just a descriptive (and partially obsolete) summary of past player behaviour - none of it’s binding, none of it could overturn a DoV.

arthexis: he/him

23-07-2009 19:55:59 UTC

Whether I win or not, no one (that doesn’t hate me per se) has really voted against this DoV. Since Wak is going idle, this DoV is still 1 vote FOR, 1 vote AGAINST.


23-07-2009 21:57:45 UTC

Um, what? Who said I was going idle??? I’m not going idle!

arthexis: he/him

23-07-2009 22:00:25 UTC

You should, then :P


24-07-2009 00:58:54 UTC


Also, I don’t hate you, I just think that this DoV is amazingly dumb.


24-07-2009 01:17:09 UTC

against See what I miss when I’m away from the game momentarily.

Darknight: he/him

24-07-2009 05:03:17 UTC

against *facepalm*