Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Proposal: The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

Self-killed. -Purplebeard

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Add to “Currency”:

As a weekly action, and only if no Investor has done so that week, any Investor may multiply every Investor’s Currency by 1.1 (i.e. add 10% to the total amount).

Hopefully, this will give Investors who hold Shares in Corporations more incentive to do something with them.



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05-04-2011 15:15:26 UTC

It’s either an incentive to be the first to dump stocks every week and perform the action, or an inventive to not bother with stocks and just keep the cash as-is. I think the opposite would make sense, if cash lost value due to inflation whiles stocks gained. Of course I’m biased due to my low liquidity, but I think this rule would just encourage stagnation.


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against CoV too good.


05-05-2011 07:28:42 UTC

Travis: The way I see it, stagnation is what we have now. This would encourage Investors to make sure that the Corporations they hold stock in outperform the interest rate. If by ‘dump stocks’ you mean sell them, they’d have to find someone willing to buy them at a favourable price, cause I ain’t buying them. If Investors lose money over time, they’re only encouraged to buy shares and sit on them, which is basically what’s happening now.

But, I did the math and an interest rate of 10% easily gets you more returns than buying stock in profitable corporations, so against self-kill. If anyone’s interested in reproposing this, 2-3% seems about fair.