Monday, March 02, 2015

Proposal: The new Proposal :/

Illegal proposal: ayesdeeef already had four pending proposals. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 02 Mar 2015 15:30:31 UTC

In a new paragraph in the Rule “Horoscopes” add the following:-

Birthsigns’ Constellations are connected to Weather Conditions if they are next to the same number in the Ruleset (The Eel is connected to Sun, The Bee is connected to Rain, etc.) Each Townsperson is Energized(X) where X is the number of Constellations in the Townsperson’s Birthsign that are connected to the Weather Condition that is in effect.

After the list in the Rule “Workplaces”, add the following:-

Any Townsperson that has a Workplace may throw out their trash by removing X non-Human, non-Plague Things from their Home (Where X is a positive integer). If they do so, they must then roll YDICE20 and give themselves a number of Plagues equal to the number of 1s they rolled, where Y is 2X if the Townsperson is a Farmer, Y is 0 if the Townsperson is a Clerk, and Y is X if the Townsperson is neither a Farmer nor a Clerk.

In the Rule Workplaces, change “If it is Autumn, and if there are three Farmers, then each Townsperson gains one Vegetable.” to the following:-

If it is Autumn, and if there are exactly three or four Farmers, then each Townsperson gains one Vegetable.

In the Rule “Vocabulary”, create a new bullet point in the list in that rule. Have it contain the following text:-

Any consecutive string of variables (such as XY or XYZ) is considered to be the product of those variables.

See last Proposal for flavor and explanations and whatnot



02-03-2015 02:50:21 UTC

Illegal 5th Proposal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get wrecked ayesdeeef…


02-03-2015 03:21:05 UTC

Also the XDICEY function gives the total of the die rolls, so I’m not sure how we would tell how many 1s have been rolled.


02-03-2015 04:36:46 UTC

ok, will keep it in mind for a repropose. Thanks Sylphrena.


02-03-2015 08:18:35 UTC

Also, I am not sure wether we want to make multiplications standard. I’d even prefer making concatenations standard.

Maybe you put that into an extra proposal.