Monday, April 08, 2013

Proposal: The Picking of the Roses

Self-Killed. -RaichuKFM

Adminned at 10 Apr 2013 15:30:26 UTC

Enact a new rule entitled “The Picking of the Roses”:

The Noble Skju, considered for the purposes of this rule to be the Host of The Picking of the Roses, shall, on Friday 12/04/13, between the hours of 0 UTC and 12 UTC, Commence The Picking of the Roses (or “The Picking”) by submitting in quick succession 2 posts, entitled, respectively, “The Pledge of the White Rose” and “The Pledge of the Red Rose”. In the comments of the post entitled “The Pledge of the White Rose”, the Nobles belonging to the Family of York will Choose the Duke of York. In the comments of the post entitled “The Pledge of the Red Rose”, the Nobles belonging to the Family of Lancaster will Choose the Duke of Lancaster. To Choose a Duke, a Noble posts a comment beginning with the name of a Noble in their Family on their Family’s corresponding Pledge. If a Noble Chooses more than one candidate, only the last valid choice is counted.

At the hour of 0 UTC on Monday 15/04/13, The Picking will end. After The Picking ends, in each Pledge, the Noble whom the most Nobles Chose during The Picking gains the Title of the Duke of their Family. If there is a tie in a Pledge, the corresponding Family’s corresponding Title remains Abeyant. Additionally, all Nobles whose Family is “-” when The Picking ends lose 10 Dignity.

C’mon, let’s get things rolling!



09-04-2013 00:00:42 UTC

imperial While I’m not opposed to elections or getting things rolling, I’m not sure how I feel about just awarding a player with the title of Duke. This, in my mind, has to be a title that is earned/achieved.


09-04-2013 01:26:19 UTC

How can it be earned? I figure that if we have leaders, we have the beginnings of structure, which will lead to such things as establishing Titles’ Lordships. The identity of the Dukes should, of course, be mutable.


09-04-2013 05:11:33 UTC



09-04-2013 06:57:47 UTC



09-04-2013 12:15:49 UTC


RaichuKFM: she/her

09-04-2013 16:30:20 UTC

against Not in favor of one person just recieving Dukedom.


09-04-2013 19:31:19 UTC

against per RaichuKFM

Clucky: he/him

09-04-2013 22:00:37 UTC


if you want people to pick sides, give them random sides don’t destroy dignity.


10-04-2013 03:03:45 UTC

against How hard can this be?