Sunday, December 10, 2006

Declaration of Victory: The planets are aligned

Reached Quorum 8-0. Congratulations Clucky!  -Saki

Adminned at 10 Dec 2006 17:39:44 UTC

I am serving Cthulhu. It says

“Effects: If a student serving Cthulhu has eir thirst increased by any number greater than one, eir thirst is decreased by one. However, a student serving Cthulhu will lose two points of sanity from drinking, rather than one. If two planets are dignified in different water signs, and both are in a stellium, or three planets are dignified and in a Grand Trine in water signs and there is a conjunction in each of those signs, the stars are right and Cthulhu is summoned: the student serving Cthulhu with the highest Mythos has achieved victory.

Mars and Neptune are in different water signs. Both are in stellium!

update: This was made *after* the planet in sign post. But I just clicked back instead of starting again, so the timestamp was different. I edited the timestamp to it properly appears after the Planet in sign post I made.



12-10-2006 01:17:06 UTC

For those wondering, I honestly misread the Zodiac wiki. I thought Saki had aligned the planets for Thrawn. Knowing I could only disalign one planet, I did not trust someone else to get on to disalign the second planet needed to prevent Thrawn from winning.

So I paniced, and walked the line. I figured Thrawn would win if I didn’t, and saw no way to stop him from doing so. And I got lucky, yay =P.

(I actually am somewhat sad. Personally I found this Dynasty had just started to get really interest, what with monsters and cookies and all. Who knows, maybe I made an error somewhere and didn’t actually win =P)


12-10-2006 02:15:48 UTC

for It certainly seems that way. Well done.


12-10-2006 02:17:10 UTC

Seems that we’ve entered “The First Dynasty of Clucky”.


12-10-2006 02:29:44 UTC

No. We will enter “The First Dynasty of Clucky” assuming

1) This DoV passes.
2) I choose to actually keep the reigns and not pass them off to some other person.

Even then, it wouldn’t officially start until I post an assencesion address. =P


12-10-2006 03:23:10 UTC

Damn that tome!


12-10-2006 07:03:28 UTC

Clucky: Read the Ruleset again.  Your Dynasty starts as soon as your DoV passes.  If you pass the mantle, it becomes someone else’s dynasty.

Anyway,  for .  Too bad I couldn’t get any more Students killed…


12-10-2006 09:47:20 UTC

for Congratulations


12-10-2006 15:18:17 UTC

for It seems you’ve been promoted from librarian to emperor.


12-10-2006 21:28:30 UTC



12-10-2006 23:02:46 UTC

for Thrawn was so close…

Just to be a stickler, “...e choses a tome and gains a copy of that tome. Either way, e loses eir copy of this Tome.” It matters little, but that 35.7% chance of gaining so much Mythos still has some   unresolved baggage.

And I wanted to win by killing you all!


12-10-2006 23:10:18 UTC

Yeah. I know. I also never lost -5 sanity from moving the moon’s terrible core.


12-10-2006 23:25:46 UTC

Saki: I think e chose “Nine Princes in Amber” for eir tome.


12-11-2006 01:05:12 UTC

Btw, I have to go do something now, but I plan to get on like 8:30 to 9:00ish(EST) tonight and post my AA then.


12-11-2006 01:36:29 UTC

E chose the same tome? I didn’t even think of that. There was no entry in the GNDT, and there’s no way of seeing any spell that doesn’t force a blog post or GNDT message.