Thursday, November 20, 2008

Proposal: The plot must go on


Adminned at 21 Nov 2008 17:31:29 UTC

Add a new subsection to the Plot Summary section November 20 titled 10:01 PM, with the following text:

John Smith walked along the sidewalk.  On his way home, he was stopped by a man in a trenchcoat.

“You are in great danger, John Smith.  The Savinford Corporation, which the late Andrea was employed by, feels that you know too much about their plans.  They want you…dead.” said the mysterious man.

“W-w-who are you?” stuttered John.

“I am Rodlen, leader of the local DD…er…is it an A or an F right now?”

“F, I think.”

“Good.  Those idiots in high command really need to stop changing the name.  Well, I’m the leader of the local DDF group, Rodlen.”

“Didn’t you disband?”

“No.  We just work in secret now.  Taxes really sucked.  Well, back on topic, the Savinford Corporation wants you dead.  For that reason, I am giving you access to somewhere which may be safer than your home.”

Rodlen handed John a card.

“This card gives you security level A clearance in the DDF, allowing you access to the least secure secure areas.  This may keep you a bit safer.” said Rodlen.

“Thank you.” replied John.

John hurried back home.

Lowest level of security clearance doesn’t help much, but he should be safer.  Plus, we have our enemy.



20-11-2008 19:53:36 UTC

Big fat imperial  & Epic.


20-11-2008 20:00:18 UTC

against Why is this even a proposal?  Just use your plot seed.


20-11-2008 20:00:33 UTC

imperial John Smith? I though he was Jason Smith…


20-11-2008 20:32:05 UTC



20-11-2008 22:41:50 UTC

against S/K

Damn, must have been way too tired when I did this.

But still, plot seeding is a weekly action and I already killed Andrea.


21-11-2008 00:28:56 UTC

Who is John Smith btw? It also disregards the fact that Andrea worked for Shade industries, at the warehouse which was established in two previous seeds


21-11-2008 00:29:46 UTC



21-11-2008 00:35:31 UTC

Sorry, established in one previous post (which has mysteriously disappeared into the aether) and hinted at in another.


21-11-2008 00:48:25 UTC

It’s 1.4.5 of the plot summary, which hasn’t disappeared into the aether.


21-11-2008 02:17:13 UTC

Ovangle, no need to vote against as it has already been self-killed (that’s what s/k stands for).


22-11-2008 01:30:44 UTC

veto to clear


22-11-2008 01:31:05 UTC

since I already added this