Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Proposal: The Power Of von Nestor Compels You

Withdrawn. Josh

Adminned at 04 Jan 2023 16:07:07 UTC

Add the following to the rule Mansion Map, as a new third paragraph:

Entities (such as Explorers, Items, the Black Cat etc) may (when otherwise permitted by the ruleset) be moved either Towards or Away from a specific, defined point of reference. When that happens, the Narrator must plot the most direct route (i.e. the one that relies upon passage through the fewest Connections) through the map between the reference point and the entity being moved - randomly selecting between routes of identical length - and then move the entity either closer to the point of reference (in the case of Towards), or in the opposite direction (in the case of Away). This movement functions identically to the Walk Planned Action.

In the rule Malfeasances, change “The Black Cat is moved in the direction stated” to:

The Black Cat is moved Towards the user

And change the Restrictions of Kibble to “None”.

Add a subrule to the rule Items, called Holy Cross:

This Item is Blessed.

The explorer who holds this may use the Repel Evil Malfeasance.

Add a new Malfeasance to the table in the rule Malfeasances:

| Repel Evil || Item-Bound || The Explorer who is Possessed by Katastrophe is moved Away from the acting Explorer. || The acting Explorer must possess the Holy Cross || Strong || Rash

In the rule Items, add the following to the end of the paragraph that starts “If an Item is dropped, it is no longer held by the Explorer”:

Any Item that is Blessed may not be held by any Explorer that is Possessed by Katastrophe; any Blessed Items held by the Explorer who is Possessed by Katastrophe are dropped during each Mansion Phase.

In the Mansion Phase atomic action, add the following to the end of the bullet point which reads “Select three different Items defined by subrules of the rule “Items”, at random, and place each one in a random Room”:

Cause any Blessed Items held by any Explorer who is Possessed by Katastrophe to be dropped.

Kinda three different changes in one proposal, but all interlinked and all quite small and limited in scope, so hopefully nothing that sticks too much in the throat.


SingularByte: he/him

03-01-2023 14:47:43 UTC

In Repel Evil, should Unwise be Rash?

Josh: he/they

03-01-2023 14:59:02 UTC

Yep! Thank you.

Benbot: he/him

03-01-2023 15:30:39 UTC

Per my silly proposal (And the activity contained within,) I wish to be unidled.

Josh: he/they

03-01-2023 15:48:44 UTC

You are unidled; quorum is unchanged.

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

03-01-2023 16:46:01 UTC

Who is the Announcer?

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

03-01-2023 16:47:58 UTC

Also, the Repel Evil text isn’t in a blockquote. Not sure if that’s required, but it is helpful.

Josh: he/they

03-01-2023 17:27:27 UTC

Thank you, have corrected.

Blockquote isn’t required, and tends, in my mind, to be reserved for verbatim additions; as Repel Evil contains formatting marks that I want to be rendered in MediaWiki rather than literally tracked over I’d prefer to keep it out.


03-01-2023 18:30:46 UTC


Kevan: he/him

03-01-2023 19:22:46 UTC

Changing the basically-Katastrophe-use-only Cat-moving ability so that it always gets closer even if the player doesn’t know where it is?

This sounds like Katastrophe wants to retire but has lost track of the Cat.


Josh: he/they

03-01-2023 19:36:13 UTC


Kevan, your paranoia is starting to make it impossible to do anything at all.

Kevan: he/him

03-01-2023 19:50:58 UTC

It’s just standard endgame caution, amplified by being in a secret information dynasty where I can’t see your cards. When a player who you aren’t collaborating with proposes something that seems a bit unclear towards the end of the game, it’s better to vote on its worst case rather than its best, if there are some ways in which it could be the final puzzle piece they need to get to victory.

I’m not even sure what you’re going for here. Is the Kibble change intended as a deliberate boost for Katastrophe, balanced out by pro-Explorer Holy Cross powers (that we can push Katastrophe around, and test whether someone is Katastrophe by seeing if they hiss and refuse to pick something up)?

Josh: he/they

03-01-2023 20:31:56 UTC

Is it just standard endgame caution? Because what I see is a scenario where there are only two fragments in play, one of which is in the hands of Katastrophe and / or a Katastrophe patsy, which means it’s midgame at worst.

What I do see is you blocking every attempt to change the way that Katastrophe works, which suggests very strongly that you like the status quo.

I read this proposal as a strict nerf of Kibble (it changes it from mode-in-any-direction to move-in-one-direction-on-rails). In the narrow edge-case scenario you paint, where Katastrophe wants to lose the role and has lost track of where the Cat is, they’re still better off with Kibble as-is as it is likely more productive to try to randomly land the Cat on someone else than it is to stand still for five turns pulling it towards you as slowly as possible, while other players hoover up Fragments or get into position for blocking Chant attempts. But again, I’m not sure that I read your objection as anything other than a defence of the status quo.

You are correct that the Holy Cross and the Blessed change are strictly pro-Explorer, and intentionally so. I admit that one of the intentions of this proposal was to see who would find a reason to vote against it….

Kevan: he/him

03-01-2023 23:13:53 UTC

Trapdoorspyder has one Fragment and is about to collect a second, and Katastrophe can give them a shortcut to the third when it appears, which could happen next turn. It feels pretty endgame.

I’m reluctant to vote through anything that gives Katastrophe a new, niche gameplay option that they didn’t have before, is all, in case it’s the last puzzle piece that Team Katastrophe need to win. We should have an easy quorum for restricting Katastrophe’s options without providing new ones, and I’d be on board for that.

Janet: she/her

03-01-2023 23:31:13 UTC



04-01-2023 04:02:38 UTC


SingularByte: he/him

04-01-2023 07:35:17 UTC


Darknight: he/him

04-01-2023 12:52:22 UTC


Josh: he/they

04-01-2023 16:06:34 UTC

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