Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Proposal: The Princess Awaits (in the past)

Vetoed, yuri_dragon_17

Adminned at 30 Jun 2009 19:29:50 UTC

Create a new rule “Time Manipulation”:

As a weekly action, a Tourist may spend 1 shine sprite to Rewind Time. To do so, that Tourist (known as The Scientist) shall make a comment in the GNDT of “Rewinding”, then immediately reverts all gamestate changes that resulted from all actions, excluding Time Immune actions, that have taken place exactly during the last 60 minutes right before the timestamp shown by the last “Rewinding” comment made in the GNDT. All Shine sprites spent by the Scientist for Rewinding Time are added to the shine sprites owned by the Tour Guide.

All actions defined by Core Rules are Time Immune Actions (for example, creating Proposals, Calls for Judgment, enacting Proposals, etc). Spending shine sprites is a Time Immune action (that is, no gamestate effects that result from spending shine sprites may be rewound). Actions taken by The Princess are always Time Immune actions.


Sometimes we will need a little magic to escape from the unavoidable grasp of The Princess… wait, don’t we wanna find her? Why are we escaping? It all seems backwards…



06-30-2009 07:53:08 UTC

for I like it.  don’t know if it’ll fit an all, but I’m a big fan :)

Ienpw III:

06-30-2009 17:24:19 UTC

against Nothing to do with the theme.


06-30-2009 17:58:12 UTC

cool mechanic, not totally sure how it works and so need to clarifiy.

I revert time at 0:00. Gamestate in the GNDT is refreshed to 23:00:00.

You revert time at 0:30. Gamestate in the GNDT is refreshed to what it was at 23:30:00, but I don’t get my shine Sprite back?

The only way I can see this staying sane is if you just reset the GNDT to the values it had one hour previously. All daily actions and what now still counted. Otherwise it’ll be confusing to implement and confusing to keep track of.


07-01-2009 00:10:14 UTC



07-01-2009 00:41:19 UTC

@yuri: welcome to democracy

@clucky: in fact, that’s exactly what happens: actions that don’t affect gamestate are not tracked in the gndt thus not reverted, afaik.


07-01-2009 01:29:17 UTC

imperial idk. BTW, since mac hasn’t been set up by an admin (and i’m spooked as all heck about trying that) his vote doesn’t count yet.


07-01-2009 01:45:01 UTC

Darknight: http://blognomic.com/wiki/index.php?title=Admin_Manual#Adding_or_unidling_a_player

we learn by doing :) sorry for being pushy, im just rarin’ to get started

Ienpw III:

07-01-2009 02:26:02 UTC

@ Arth: Welcome to Constitutional Monarchy.